Cosmic Inv App EMAIL RECEIPIENTS Feature for Reckon !!!!!!

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Cosmic Invapp for RAH Email Recipient feature !!!!!!!!!!!

We are now almost there, we have been able to successfully test on our R&D setup the emails of your domain can now be sent and the sender is acknowledged that the email is opened or has got the email

This is a great challenge for Cosmic team

We should be able to go live in week or so

Cosmic inv for Reckon Hosted  is available on Pay Only if you have invoiced and per each transaction.

**Use online automated Credit Card payment customer pays on " Pay link: via email

**Now Cosmic Mobile available on Web based no need to have mobile device

**Sync all UNPAID invoice created in RAH into Cosmic app and get paid using Credit card : Stripe

**All your unpaid RAH invoice templates is converted to cloud looking colored invoice

**You can have your OWN customised Invoice template for your selected customers

see Reckon add on market : Cosmic Invoice
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Can I send the invoices from within reckon?
No I didn't get your questions fully sorry
You can do inv in RAH and then sync in Cosmic app to get paid via Stripe
does it work with iphone? and if you sync does it automagically email the invoice?
iphone for now , no till we get more users , expensive , works on any  ANDROID or note pad and on desktop or laptop.
Yes thats the great feature the invoice is automatically attached to the  modern email program.
So the app works on a mac laptop computer then?
It will work on any MS Windows latop or desktop will not work on Mac .We don't get much users on Mac

Why dont t you use a less costlier device like Android
Very costly to work on Apple as demand or use in creases yes we will go for iOs
Of no use to me if it doesn't run on mac :(
Yes,  agreed on that, apology , its cost factor.