Customer loyalty? (Spoiler: Naaah!)

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Hi all

Customer (continuous) since 2008.
Products: RA Premier & RA Point of Sale Pro (Desktop editions)

1. Total loss of home and all of our possessions  - destroyed by bushfire on 20 December 2019.
2. Our office and 12 years of business records also destroyed (all paper records; *some* data loss..)
3. Our business (Hospitality) significantly impacted by COVID trading restrictions since March (Yes of course, along with many others...).

Trying to juggle rebuilding our home, nursing our business through COVID, along with managing the mental health of my family (and myself) given the past 6 months.

Reached out to Reckon regarding our subscription, which is due.
Yes, I was seeking some assistance. Some dispensation, given our circumstances. This, at least according to my internal monologue, was not an unreasonable request. Put another way, If the situation was reversed, I would not have considered the request unreasonable. I'm just doing what I can to try to navigate our way through this nightmare.

Reckon begged to differ. As of course is their right. Is it the decent/moral thing to do? Do morals even have a place in a business transaction? I say "yes!", but others may disagree.

Anyhow, it is what it is, however the community has a right to be aware of of the value Reckon places upon the success OR fate of their customers.

1. Related email from Reckon.
2. Some before/after pics of my home.

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Brent McIntosh

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Posted 4 weeks ago

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It is very sad to see that Reckon has lost all human compassion toward loyal customers. It appears that the company is being operated by "trained" individuals who slavishly follow written policy's and procedures. I sadly learned this when earlier this year I tried to appeal for some consideration. After using Quicken/Reckon since 1989 and being an accredited partner for twenty odd years I could not convince them to reactivate my 2014 Reckon Personal edition to continue to monitor my bank account in retirement. I was curtly informed that I'd have to pay an annual fee to continue using it. Needless to say I didn't. However, I had great fun converting all my historical data to a free program that more than serves my purpose. For that I am thankful.

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John Peppas, Accredited Partner

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I sympathise with your predicament and I am sure your concern will be revisited by the Reckon Team who will no doubt do whatever can be done to assist.

Keep up with your hard work in bringing your lives back to some normality and in the meantime let's see what Reckon can do

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Eric Murphy

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Your situation sucks, and it's dreadful you're going through it. But the fact that you've jumped on a soapbox publicly bemoaning the fact you were denied a discount is poor. But I guess that's how it is these days isn't it.. plaster it online to 'shame' the company into bending over even when they can't en masse.

Reckon, or any other company doesn't owe you anything and people need to stop buying into this misguided belief of 'loyalty'. You pay for a service, they provide it. End of.

And yes that might sound harsh and yes you might not like hearing it but that's the harsh reality of modern commerce.
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Hi Brent,
Its both shocking and distressing to see and hear about the damage you and your family have suffered from the bush fires earlier this year. It certainly can't have been made any easier with the added stress and pressure of COVID-19 impacting your business.

I'll be upfront with you, I'm not across the processes we have in the subscription area or the conversations you've had with us so I can't really make any comments on it at this stage. However as a priority I'll be speaking to our Customer Service Manager and we'll have another look into this in the morning and be in touch with you for a chat.

I'll echo John's comments, hopefully you & your family are safe and things can/will move towards some form of regularity very soon.
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Honestly, it looks like they've reached out and tried to offer you a solution that's fair to both parties, and yet you've chosen to throw it in their face and slander them.

Put yourself in their shoes. They must receive 100s of similar stories daily of their customers milking the current situation and asking for free service. They would likely go bankrupt If they gave in to every request.

It's horrible what you're going through, however I don't think that justifies slandering a fellow Aussie business that likely is also being impacted by covid. I'm in the hospitality industry myself and times are tough however we should all be supporting each other during this difficult time.
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Brent, mate, you are full of it, this is just a typical hijacking on moral grounds. you had it bad, that sux, others come help, great you say thank you. if others don't help you out, you have no grounds to go around BXXXhing about it.

If I had no income and go ask for help from you, you help me great and if you don't, should I go around and public shame you?

Shame on you for doing what you are doing now. 

The only thing I can see you doing here is try to use sympathy to score some freebies. 

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I’m really sorry to hear about your circumstances and all that you’ve been through, and I truly hope things get better for you.

Here’s my situation.. My dad was using Quickbooks even before I was born. I took over his business and continued with Reckon Accounts, paying approximately $3000/year.

I lost my house and my car to a short circuit. My life began crashing, business slowed down drastically and then soon my partner left me. Suddenly I was all alone with nothing but a struggling business, a refused insurance claim and a growing debt to suppliers and employees!

I approached Reckon, and many other suppliers and most couldn’t assist with waivers an the amount due to them.
Trust me, Reckon was one of the kinder suppliers I dealt with!!!!

But at the end of the day, it’s business. If one person asks for freebies, many others will and expect the same level of service. If a supplier doesn’t get income, he can’t pay his employees. And that grows exponentially, potentially causing recession.

I think you are in a far better situation than mine, and you should not make a huge deal of it to gather sympathy, bring another business to shame and thus try and get freebies.

You have insurance and a COVID19 situation where the government is helping out with Jobkeeper and other stimulus packages! I had nothing!!! Yet I lived through it, made changes to my life and my decisions and not shame businesses if they didn’t help me! (A quarterly payment instead of yearly from Reckon was a blessing) and I’m back on my feet now.
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Hey folks
(esp. Jacob, Josh and others questioning my motivation.)

Please reread my post. Yes, I am looking for help. I couldn't have been clearer about that.
I also said Reckon was absolutely entitled to their own position.

I put the question of "customer loyalty" to the community and you have well and truly answered. Thank you for that.

As for "public shaming", that is absolutely not what's happening here. We had the media all over us post-fires. It was actually maddening but at the same time, we needed them. We were reluctantly a part of the ABC's "Back Summer" doco and if as suggested this was a vindictive exercise in public shaming, I would have taken it to the media who are actively looking for these sorts of stories (because "media"). I did not do that. Nor did I tweet it. Nor did I post on FB or IG. I did not post it on any forum likely to be seen beyond the Reckon user community.

This was never intended to be a "public shaming".

What I've done is told my story. I've tried to do this in as balanced a way as I can, while acknowledging that of course there's going to be an element of self-interest that is central to it.

If you reread my OP, I really have tried to be balanced but it seems I may have failed in that regard based upon some of the responses.

So, if I'm not looking to "shame" why did I post in the first place? Because I need help. I really do NEED help. I'm sorry that some of you don't get that or feel I've no business in asking for it.

For what it's worth, the suggestion that I should feel "shame" for asking is a kick in the guts. "Help" is not easy to ask for. A lot of us who lost our homes over the summer have seriously struggled with it, however circumstances have kind of demanded that we have to; from shelter and clothing to bedding, toiletries, food and all manner of things; it is a deeply uncomfortable thing that we've just had to get used to doing.

Judge me harshly if you must, but please keep your mind open to the possibility that you just might "relate"a little more if you are ever confronted with a similar crisis.

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Mate If I were you I will go delete the post. 
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Hi all,
While I appreciate there are various points of view being expressed here which is the purpose of the Community, I think this thread has run its course now and I'm closing it.

Brent, I understand our team have tried to get in touch on a few occasions today however weren't able to speak with you and have left a message(s) with details. If you can get back to us there we'd be happy to have a chat with you directly to discuss further.

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