Data migration from Reckon Accounts Premier 2016

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We currently have 3 companies running in Reckon Accounts Premier 2016 (desktop). Is there an easy data migration path if we wanted to switch to the Hosted version?
Also, we run payroll (Premier) as separate modules for 2 of these companies. 
How does this fit in to the Hosted version - would the payroll entities be separate as they are now, or would they merge with the Accounts companies in the new Hosted version?
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Posted 3 years ago

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Hi Greg,

Moving from Reckon Accounts Premier desktop to Hosted is pretty seamless. It's just a matter of uploading your data files onto our servers. Very quick and easy.

Please note though, if you are wanting to go to Hosted, please ensure you have a stable and speedy internet connection. If not, we would recommend staying on desktop.

With Payroll Premier and Hosted, you can continue to use both, but it's going to be a matter of uploading the IIF file from Payroll Premier to our servers each time you want payroll information to be imported into Reckon Accounts. Otherwise, it may be a good idea to start using the payroll function within Reckon Accounts.

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Be aware of you want to go back it is extremely difficult. Why dont you set up a trial for a few days?
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Except the difference in cost between Premier an Enterprise is vast. I know Enterprise is "optimized" for Server environment but Ive never noticed any difference between Premier and Enterprize working on Server
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It's the same code base, just sold at a cheaper price and crippled ;)

So yes, I would think they should behave the same
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Why, you think otherwise big Kev?
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This thread has deviated off-topic from the original question a fair bit but just to add before it's closed.
Reckon Accounts Enterprise is a version which comes in with a level of features and functionality which a number of small/medium businesses may not require or want. As Jason has said in his post below, it's horses for courses. 

Rolling all versions into one SKU would then mean forcing a section of users to pay for a version which comes with features they won't ever use or need.
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Why are you going to Reckon Hosted, why don't you look at other products Myob or Xero. Reckon Hosted is so behind the times with Bank Data feeds and OCR Invoicing & Add on's. It doesn't really add any benefit to your business
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Mel I can think of a few VERY good reasons. 1. Functionality 2. Expense 3. Cost of migration 4 training in new system 5 loss off history data. I will allow the bank feed in Hosted isnt too flash which is why I import my own qif files. Have you looked at Reckon One? Its VERY good. Fyi I use all the other systems and there is no way I would recommend shifting unless you have a very good reason. It requires a full cost venefit analysis not a recommendation from an accountant who is probably getting kickbacks. Happy new year
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As a response:

It's horses for courses and one shoe does not fit all. A feature such as bank data and OCR isn't always #1 on the list of helpful features for a business, yet for an accountant or bookkeeper they are a priority as they help increase productivity and as a consequence average hourly rates.

For example, my parents own business tracks $ spent on Customers and Jobs - every bill (and every bill line) that sits under COGS has a job code assigned - to this day OCR has not cracked that nut for us.

Bank rules in Reckon Hosted is something I embraced this year, and it has helped me enter a few transactions faster such as variant electricity bills, however memorised transactions still make up the bulk of our data entry efficiences. Again its horses for courses. 

Other Reckon Hosted differentiating factors include:
  • Unlimited company (data) files at no extra cost
  • Unlimited payroll for employees (no employee limits)
  • Own your own data (backup / restore offline / keep forever at no charge)
  • 1,000,000 list entries meaning you'll never hit a list size limit
  • Unlimited API (add-on) connections and API calls (limited with many competitors)
  • Best job costing in this space
  • 230+ reports
As for bank feeds and bank data management, cloud applications will always do a better job than a desktop product as they are built around this functionality. So on that front I would agree with Melinda. Therefore I would suggest a better comparison to Xero for example around bank data would be Reckon One, our cloud app. We don't pitch Hosted against Reckon One, or indeed those who sit around the Reckon One level.

Again, Reckon Accounts Hosted is targeted at a different market, and should be viewed in terms of what your business requires.

Around add-ons, it is important to note that Reckon Accounts Hosted has had an API for 6 months. The competitors noted have had an API for several years, and indeed have utilised the add-on eco-system to cover functionality gaps. As Reckon Hosted is our 'Enterprise' version the reliance on add-ons has not been as relevant.

That said, our desktop Enterprise application has over 550 add-ons, so we are definitely focusing on those partners at the moment to bring them on to Hosted. In fact we have 80+ developers signed up already - 3 of those are OCR / automated data entry players from AU, the US and UK.

Finally, an apology to Greg as his initial question has sparked another conversation, however I felt it was important to point out some of the facts so that other forum users have a somewhat detailed response to Melinda's post.

Kind regards,

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