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I am currently running Reckon Accounts 2013 running on XP operating system - yes I know it is old but it worked very well.  Now have just upgraded to a new desktop computer with windows 10.  Went to load up Reckon Accounts 2013 and it would not work at all - just kept falling over.  So thought OK will need to upgrade the program - probably about time! 

Rang the 1300 number tonight and got a person who I could hardly understand and when said this all he did was shout at me!!  All I wanted to know was how I go about upgrading to Reckon Account Plus 2018 - wanted the file to download or get the DVD and pay outright - well this is where I really started to wonder whether this bloke knew anything - was reading from the script very well!!.  He was trying to sell me a $555 per year fee - what a rip off.  Said I just wanted the program to load onto my new computer - this bloke was no use what so ever with my issue and was not interested in helping - just wanted to sell products. 

I have been using Quickbooks for over 20 years and this is the first time I have struck this absolute disgraceful situation.  I am now having to go in search for a different product (like by the sounds of it many many others who have been long term users) to meet my needs.  And by the sounds of it Reckon really doesn't care - as long as there are suckers out there being sucked into this rediculous situation. 

I am an extreemely annoyed and disappointed customer.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Has anyone got any recommendations for a good accounting package that you don't have to mortgage the house!!!
RAS27AU10 Reckon Accounts Plus 2018 Upgrade † $760.00  (is the current retail price for the perpetual licencse, instead of going subscription).

† Includes 12 months Advantage Support & Updates


There's some issues with Win10 and it relates to interfacing to email mainly, as well as being able to operate in a compatibility manner that you were used to with the no longer supported version of Win XP (security issues with those on the internet, to mention just one thing).   

Strictly speaking, the 'istallation' process back in 2013, when Win10 never even existed,  makes the intallation of a legacy product a little finnicky to setup. And so many people have different desires in the way of say, emailing invoices with Outllok  or Thunderbird or WIndows Live or some Google Gmail account and so forth ..... the combinations are many.

Using a compauter usually assumes people start a conversation based on standard, current, compatible, compliant scenarions of applications matching the operating system.   WIndows 10 is the operating system - it has special dependencies upon which other software products rely.   Microsoft OFFICE (desktop or cloud: Office386)  are pretty commonly used current products in the world today.  Products made 5 years ago like Reckon Plus 2013  at a time when Windows 7 was the normal operating system in use at the time,  was designed to work in THAT environment..... not some unknown, yet to be released product like Win10 which emerged in 2015. 

SO therein lies the issue here for you.

Now, there are lots of topics on workarounds,  like running in compatibility mode,  or lrunning as administrator,  and being prepared to compromise on the way you may/may not be able to use automated emailing of invoices,  or link to other API based products that you may be using etc etc etc. 

Without explaing every inch of your situation,  and being aware that you are in fact trying to put a legacy 2013 product into a non-supported environment due to its age,  is where you should be dealing with your IT people to advice you on options.

In the last 5 years, the Reckon products have been extended to be offered as new ranges, with options of desktop or subscription of some of the sub-releases and so forth.

So your GOOGLE search to help you with some of this, probono on the Community,  would be to search for "Reckon plus 2013 Win10 "  (That combinatyion will likely lead you to dozens of useful article on your situation)).    But you still need to consider the licencing of other dependent products like EMAIL programs, PDF programs, multi-user sharing for instance  -  they all differ between WIn XP, Win 7 Win 8 and WIn 10....  and that is a MICROSOFT caused issue,  not a Reckon problem.

Latest Reckon products work wi the associated lastest Microsoft products.....  but not necessarily combinations of each,  unless some serious adjustments are made at an IT level of installation and indeed with operations.

Check out why this article was prepared,  to help users understand this exact situation...

Gary Pope
m: 0408994799
An Accredited Partner- Consultant (VIC. Aust)
“Working with Accountants/Bookkeepers PPs/APs, as an
     independent IT Professional and retired FCPA Accountant”

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I know Windows 10 was not about then!! I know it is an old program!!

All I was after was to update my 2013 Reckon Accounts Plus to 2018 Reckon Accounts Plus to run off my new desktop with an operating system of windows 10.  I was wanting information about how to transfer from my old computer to my new one.  (looks like I will be holding onto my old computer till I can get this sorted - placed next to my next one).

I don't want to email out invoices, I don't want to use the "cloud'. I am not interested in the gimmicks. All I want to do is to keep track of our rental properties and record transactions for a small business.  To  be able to do reconciliations for each class, produce profit and loss statements, do the BAS and record the transactions in and out.

Can't see the value in spending $550 per year for a licence, just wanted to be able to get the CD or download the program and update the program every 3 years or so.  I was not anticipating this to be so difficult.
Anna - see the perpetual price alternative  mentioned earlier if you want to freeze at a fixed level again.
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Hi Anna. Have a look online and you can purchase outright. I did this year and the version with payroll was about $700. But I get one update next year included. If you are not needing payroll ut may be cheaper for you.
Hope this helps.
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Hi Anna,  I had the same issues when my old xp computer died.   When reloading it to Windows 10 it worked for a short time but suddenly stopped working.  I too spoke with the sellers and they gave me the same answer to update and spend $1,000.    I was very fortunate as my husband did some work for an IT man and he offered to check my system remotely.   He initially got my qbooks 2008 working again but it failed again.   After a bit of research he discovered it was my antivirus causing the problem.   (which apparently I discovered later is a known cause thanks to Kevin Russell on this site who was really helpful too)  I now use Norton and have not had an issue.   This man was the founder of Dr Geek  and they offer no fix no fee so worth a shot, as I know the stresses it causes to upgrade or start again, let alone the cost.  His name was George.  Good luck.
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Hi Anna

You have now experienced what is the new world of computer software - you no longer can get a perpetual licence like in the old days. It is now termed Software as a Service because the software companies want an ongoing source of income.

I had an old copy of MYOB and the same thing happened. They wanted $1500 a year for MYOB AcoountRight Plus 2018 so I looked for a cheaper solution and came across Reckon Accounts which I could get for $550 per year - a third of the price of MYOB. My Microsoft Office costs me $130 per year and my Nortons AntiVirus costs me $50 a year.  These are for 5 licenses which makes it a viable option. Even my Autodesk AutoCAD software went the same way, charging around $1,500 per year instead of an up front $7,500

The way they put it is that over three years you pay the same as for an upfront single payment but your software is no longer the latest version. With the SAAS model you get any updates for free when they come out and you have a current license. I'm in the situation that I bought Reckon Accounts thinking that I would get some bookkeeping work but since I bought it I have had no work and I can't do certain bookkeeping functions as I haven't had 3 years of work nor am I working for a licensed BAS Agent or Tax Agent so I won't be able to afford the renewal next year.

I wished I had better news but I hope that at least I haven't been as rude as the other individual was. I hope you can find an alternative solution which suits your purposes.

Robert Smeallie


PS:  Using 2013 software - I'm assuming (which I shouldn't!!!) that you are NOT running any payroll requiring STP.


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Hi Anna
An option for you could be Reckon One:  Although it is cloud based, the subscription is only $5.00 per month and is very simple to use.

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