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I'm in need of desperate help in setting up payroll so that I don't stuff up the fields
Can anyone please help?
Mostly setting up the payroll items so that I have linked everything correctly i.e. holiday pay, loading, super, overtime, etc etc

Any help would be much appreciated
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Posted 1 year ago

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Hey Vanessa,
I'm no professional & I've fumbled my way through most of payroll. While we had an accountant set most of it up initially, but my 'bible' has been the "QuickBooks for Dummies" guide from Office Works (of all things!). Think it was about $30 & it's been my savour! Step-by-step instructions & if I've ever been in doubt, I've contacted Fair Work & referred to our award. My addition is 2012, but there might be a newer edition or something more Reckon branded by now (??). Sorry mate, I'm not much more help than that. Best of luck!
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Thank you Leisha, any help is great help :-)
Hi Vanessa

I can help but unfortunately I can't help until next week I am at a seminar for 3 days over the weekend.  I have been an accredited partner, am a professional partner and have been for 35 years.

If you need to do it sooner, my best advice is to set up a payroll clearing account (or electronic clearing if paying via ABA).  the pays get created in the payroll clearing account and when paid from the bank they go into the payroll clearing.  This way you can reconcile and pick up any discrepancies.

If you have employees on 38hrs & 40hrs & 15hrs PPT etc set up a leave accrual for each.

Link holiday pay to each of the accruals, and do the same for personal leave.

Holiday loading is not linked it automatically finds the $$ of holiday pay paid, set it up for the 17.5%

send me an email of what staff & wages are required i.e casual, PPT, FT, hrs and I will try to anwer before I go away.
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Hi Kim, I tried emailing you last night however the email bounced back. I have a couple of other questions if you would be able to clarify. I really appreciate this. It's a great help. Thank you



Hourly pay



Do I uncheck both the PAYG Tax & State Payroll Tax for all of the above?



Do I check, include in "every hour worked" leave accrual (I have this unticked) 


TFN code: 2-TFT include in state payroll tax

(I have this ticked)


And lastly, why holiday & personal hours USED is not printing when issuing payslips?

I've checked all the settings and have it ticked to print but it isn't!


Thank you once again.

This is as great help

Try my email again ... I can give you the chart of accounts setup. or 0429 305300

Taxes:  (default) is best unless something special outside normal - the tick means it is taxed, so yes all listed are taxed. (leave Payroll tax ticked in case you ever reach the threshold).

Overtime: do not include in every hour worked, leave is based on normal hours and is best set up as a rate per pay period, based on hrs worked per day, 7.6, 8, and full time or PPT - Do not tick reset each year - make sure you tick leave liability

TFN code: 2-TFT is the normal first job tax code unless they have variations on their declaration - "state" none & no tick unless you are above the threshold for payroll tax in NSW.

Payslips: leave used/taken is represented by $$$ in the YTD, not hours, only leave accrued that pay & total avail. prints on payslips.

** reckon emails from hosted not your email account - I highly recommend putting your own email after the employee email so you get a copy of everything sent from hosted, this is good for customers & suppliers - this is done with semi colon between  xxxxxx@xx;you@.
Set up a rule in our email program and send them all to a 'from Reckon hosted' folder, if you need to refer or send copies they are all there.
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Thank you Kim, I'll save your details in case I'm in need of questions answered :-)
This was a great help.
Thanks again