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We are aware some customers are currently experiencing difficulties logging in.

Our team is currently looking at the resolving this.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

UPDATE: Hi All, as at 11:48am our Technical Team have advised that Hosted at a systematic level is functioning normally. Login times may initially be impacted, but will improve in due course as login demand decreases. If you are having further issues, please let me know as we will be looking into things on case by case basis.

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Mirko, Alum

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Posted 5 years ago

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Tiffany Burness

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Patience has worn out Mirko! These continuous issues are costing small businesses thousands in down time and delays. 
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Reckon, I am unsure that you read all the comments made but in faith that you are actually interested and care I am going to share with you a consequence of your system being unavailable.
Here in NZ we have to ensure that our sale invoices are received by our customers no later than the 3rd or 4th working day of the month. This will guarantee us receiving payments for our services on the 20th of the month. The effect of not being able to send out our sale invoices to our customers on time will mean we miss their cut off time and our sale invoices will be treated as November debt and won’t be paid until December. Now I have a cash flow problem and I still have to pay our salaries, PAYE and our creditor invoices on the 20th of November but my invoices won’t be paid until December.

In my case I responsible for the bank and cash flow and telling the CEO that I can’t raise our sales invoices because of your application not being available and that he will have to make arrangements with our bank regarding our cash flow will not be a pleasant task. I am already at breaking point because of yesterday my machine kept getting the blue screen and now today no application.

Most of your clients are small to mid-range (hence why we use Reckon) cash flow is a daily responsibility and not being able to raise invoices could possible put a company in risk of continuing.

To receive an acknowledgement that you recognise what your customers are currently going through would be something. Telecom got such a blasting and TV coverage when their network went down when they swapped to 3G, they contacted their customers and they paid compensation, just a shame that you don’t receive the same media attention and act in a way that your customers are willing to bear with you.
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Leonie Raffan

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Yes!!  We agree with all that you have said, and I am already thinking that our business should bale out and use a different application such as MYOB or go back to purchasing the program and not have the hosted issues. This will be a great pity, as i was enjoying the fact that my book keeper could do some of my work from home, lessening her travel time and cost to me. Plus the fact that my accountant had access to help me run a more efficient business etc. The idea is good, however, I can't afford the down time either. 

With respect 
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Wow well written. I certianly hope Mirko puts this example forward and somewhat higher up...

I bet other than Mirko, no RECKON employees are reading this thread... the response from RECKON would be very differnet if they valued their customers.
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Yet again, I cannot log in all I get is a black screen - this is bloody ridiculous - WHEN will this problem be fixed? this happens regularly, and not only wastes my time, but money!!!!!!!!
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Kerrie H

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Sorry Reckon I have been a long time user of Reckon and always recommended it to other businesses.  Our accountant has been recommending we give you the flick for over a year but I insisted that it will improve soon.  We have given you more than enough time, you are now costing this business too much time and money and I have no choice, we are now in the process of changing to another accounting product.
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leslie leon

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What product are you changing to... I'd like to change too... sick & tired of these continuous hick ups...
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Kerrie H

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Xero, you can test a trial version.  Our accountant swears by it and I have a friend that has worked with both Reckon and MYOB, her new job is using Xero and she thinks its great.  Sorry Reckon I wouldn't recommend anything else except for the lack of service or responsibility from you. 
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Does it do Wages?
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Kerrie H

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Yes payroll is apparently excellent, it also has really great reports and automatic bank reconcillation for Bendigo Bank which I have asked Reckon when it will be included but have never had a reply.  Printing is also quick and not the 5 prompts we currently have with Reckon, I can see this with only a short session on the trial version.  I know of a few different accountants who are now recommending it.  I am wondering how many renewal subscriptions Reckon will have in the coming 12 months and if the service can get any worse?
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Renee Scaddan-Nile

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Yes we are changing too. Getting our own program built had enough of working 40 hour weeks just to print invoices then having to delete the hundreds of open windows and cut&copy 3 million times lagging when in multi mode WHICH WE PAY EXTRA FOR I have to ask the other person to log off just to get my work done in a day.
I really hope for all the customers that are going to stick with Reckon that you guys are reading these posts.
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Tess Cox

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its funny, i now think it was quicker staying with Quickbooks on my computer and Snail Mailing the copies of the books to Accountants etc...
this is a waste of my time and our companies money.... This is not good for Small businesses..
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Kim St George

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Does NZ have an ETA? Any response would be great as opposed to being ignored?.
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10 am and I'm in in SA. Very unhappy about the down time and the higher yearly fee - that's not the fee I originally signed up for, and on top there is a lot of down time. Not just that, but RECKON's users are telling you on this forum what isn't working for them, and there seems to be no recognition for thew user's issues... ie speed up printing process. Ok this is different issue, but all tied together to create unhappy users, users using downtime to research alternative accounting software. Please listen to your users, we are not here for the sake of complaining, but because it affects our business!
Photo of Jeff Langtip

Jeff Langtip

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No happy AGAIN. What does our business do while this is down AGAIN ? We will search for an alternative. I believe we should be receiving credits or refunds for these regular failures.
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Lisa Grant

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I agree. This downtime causes major losses in productivity and profitability and yet we are offered nothing in the way of compensation from Reckon!!!
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Lisa Grant

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My business has completely ground to a halt yet again thanks to downtime with Reckon hosted! Who will compensate me for major loss in productivity? I have staff unable to fulfill their duties, customers waiting on invoices and information, suppliers waiting on purchase orders.... Not good! If this was a rare happening...OK but this is all to frequent and although I have been using QB for 15 years,  I think it may be time to look at something more reliable???
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Scott Hannaford

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What a joke, I can't process our wages but my employees will fail to see the humour.  Is this the level of reliability that I am paying for?  Not a happy customer, and fast running out of reasons why I should stay with the product.
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Jim Lindrea

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What are we expected to do??  I have spent countless hours in front of this ridiculous program.  So many bugs, so many issues, where to begin.  I had to pay for a renewal yesterday! then today with customers waiting with their credit cards to pay me I have to say " Sorry I cant write you an invoice today, would you mind coming back!!!!!  I am going to loose it! 

Dose anyone else have these issues?

Extended loading times to open the program (even when they are not confessing to issues)

Cant put in password at the start up screen-keyboard will not work, I have to close and go through the whole process again

Tab going Backwards

Freezing 5-10 times a day

Cant change or edit the text in fields ( I have to retype the entire field if there is 1 spelling mistake)

The print process is too long, I have to click print about 7 or 8 times before there is a hard copy

I have so many more, just no time to even think about them.  I rang up technical support and was speaking to Dean.  He was the most unhelpful, rude and arrogant customer service person I have dealt with.  I simply asked if any of the above issues are being dealt with, I read out a list of issues I am having, he responded with "one at a time please".  I replied  I just want to leave it with you because I don't have much time to talk, he said "we cant address any of the issues if you can't stay on the line.  I had been on hold for over 35 min at that stage.  I said "can you please get back to or phone call"  he replied "No , you need to be on the line"  I said "and how long is that going to take?"  He said  "The real issue is you don't have the time spend on fixing it"  I replied with "I have a job and I do it well. I don't have time to do yours as well"  Dean said "what do you mean by that"  and the conversation from there did not get any better, I didn't have 1 of my issues even looked at and I am in the same position, I had to pay the renewal or I couldn't log on at all

I feel these issues are getting worse.  I would like some indication on what is being done.  I am about to go consumer affairs because of their lack of service.  Do I have any other option?

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Kim J

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Yes Jim, I feel your pain!   I too am having all those issues, and some.  Reckon customer service are exactly as you described.  I am currently looking for a replacement package.  Just not good enough, I don't have the time for work arounds.
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Michelle Mills

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Having all the same issues.  Also no longer get sent the CD for a local copy of the program that I use on a single laptop for our own personal accounts .... would have had to be paying for the new introduced more expensive user fee (not that we were told this) despite being a loyal customer for over 10 years.  Our next renewal will not have any option other than the higher cost and we have 10-11 users each year ...

There are issues with processing import GST, the old method causing an accounting disaster and the method advised by Reckon is ridiculous unbelievably unworkable that it is like having the Mad Hatter doing your accounts!  I sent them the MYOB method that works and allows to have the correct GST calculating ... Reckon can not fathom why a business would use a landed costing for it's products, actually they did not understand that there were different costing methods nor that the entering of import GST is not the same as the 10% GST on local purchases and sales ....Surely if you offer an Accounting Program to Businesses you would have a consulting Accountant to check the methodology of the program!!!  Reckon want to leave business liable for big tax troubles.

Staff are so rude, would be nice to get an Australian that could understand what you are asking.  It would be nice to get a response to queries.

Not all of your customers Reckon call for ID 10 T queries ...

The unstable platform is your issue and should have been resolved before going live with your customers data.

I have looked at QuickBooks but this is only suitable for smaller businesses .... I will be getting recommendations from our accountant and other business associates to change as Reckon have no desire to keep their loyal customers.

Boooooooooooooo to Reckon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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