How do I close the STP App and delete all information entered?

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App does not seem to have functionality I need (salary sacrifice in particular)
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Alan Millis

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Posted 6 months ago

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Ellen Underwood

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You are right. I have deleted the app and will have to write to the ATO and amend the entries I have been unable to delete. Very limited functionality. Sorry I wasted my valuable time and will be paying for a STP app that has functionality and ability to see what is going on and more importantly be able to correct errors.
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Michael S

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I fully agree.  Yes I know the App is free, but I have never come across a half baked app that is listed on the ATO web site for people to fall for.  The App is utter rubbish. 
I have lodged a complaint with the ATO to get it removed as a free solution. 
I submitted simple data twice and both times the app sends incorrect figures. 
I make adjustments and the app just sends whatever it feels like on the day. 
Now I have a mess to clean up with the ATO. 
Thanks, but no thanks!  Go waste someone else's time.
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Hi Michael,
I'm sorry to hear you're not a fan of our FREE STP app.
As you'll no doubt know, the app has basically has a form structure so will only send data that you actually input. There's no way for the app to send 'whatever it wants to on the day'.
If you've made incorrect submissions, there is the ability to correct them via Adjustments which again only sends data you input.
The app is fully compliant with the ATO's requirements for Single Touch Payroll for micro-businesses (1-4 employees). More info here
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Michael S

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You are implying I have made mistakes in my data entry.  I triple checked my entries before submission and after submission.  The data on the App does not balance with the ATO data.  
As to your claims that the system will only send data that was input is based on ignorance on your part as this is clearly not the case based on evidence of screen shots taken and supplied to the ATO.  I forgive your rudeness and assumptions, but my complaint to the ATO stands.  I will attempt the adjustments but I no longer have any faith in your "free" app that has so far cost me too many hours.  
You have stated that your app is fully compliant, and precisely that is the subject of my formal complaint to the ATO, to determine how such a useless app could be "fully compliant".
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I happen to agree with Michael and MANY MORE on the Reckon Forum.
I thought this would be a simple and great app but it has been nothing but a waste of my time I have also tried on many occasions to get replies or ring for help - the CUSTOMER SERVICE is extremely poor.  I have actually today contacted the ATO and spoke to them and NOTHING of mine has gone through and I have so many DRAFTS/ERRORS that I cant clear and e pays that have been doubled up,  If I delete the app according to the ATO then restart with another it should be fine.  Whata Mess
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HI Michael! This app is giving me the hugest headache too. I cant tell you how many errors have been made because of app - and I dont know how to fix them. It is taking up too much of my time - I am supposed to be working in our business, not spending hours trying to fix up errors with STP app/ATO. I am going to try to get rid of app and try other software. Gotta figure out how to change software ID registration with ATO. News report today online said dont call ATO as their phonelines are swamped with callers and they cant deal with them all. 
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Hi Beck have you find out how to change software ID with the ATO yet? I also have many issues with the reckon App and like to change to some other App.
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The free App works ok with me. I agree the functionality of the free App is limited.
Initially I tried to use a low cost STP solution, spoke to a provider who promised to provide a demonstration. After 4 weeks I still have not heard from him. So I ended up using the Reckon free App in June 2019.