How do I include a total on Deposit Detail report? We use Reckon Enterprise 2018 PC version

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Hi Alicia

The Deposit Detail report is a listing of payments.

You can create a specific/customised report to total all deposits for a particular timeframe:

  • Open the Find screen (Click on “Edit” along top toolbar, then “Find” in the dropdown menu)
  • Select Date in the Filters list & select/enter the applicable date/date range
  • Select Transaction Type in the Filters list & select Deposit in the dropdown list
  • Select Detail Level in the Filters list & choose Summary only
  • Click on the “Report” button to view this search as a report

You can then “Modify Report” (button on LHS along the top of report) & on the Display tab, add/remove columns + set Sort by & Total by criteria

  • On the Header/Footer tab .... Give this report a meaningful title (Edit the “Report Title” field) eg “Daily Deposits” & click on OK
  • Once your report is customised to your requirements, click on “Memorise” to store it in your Reports area for re-use.  You can even add it as a 1-click Icon to your Icon Bar by clicking on “View” (along top toolbar) then “Add .... To Icon Bar”!
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Thank you for your response.  I have just tried to get the deposit total following your steps but only 4 transactions appeared for the period I selected and there should be 99 transactions.  Most of the transactions are Direct Deposits to our bank account and are entered via ‘Receive Payments’.  The 4 transactions that came up in your report are the ones entered through ‘Record Deposits’. 


The report ‘Deposit Detail’ includes both payments received & deposits recorded.  I need a total of these amounts so I have to add them up each week.  It would be great to print a report that gives me a list of the transactions with a total at the bottom.

Hi Allcity (apologies ... just noted I called you 'Alicia' previously ?!)

All you need to do is, at ....

* Select Transaction Type in the Filters list .... in the dropdown list, select "Multiple Transaction Types" then tick Deposit AND Payment 

This will display ALL amounts credited to the bank account.

Unfortunately, you can't total specifically by transaction type.  If you need separate totals - eg for EFT "Payments" & Cash/Cheque Payment "Deposits" - you may need to run these as 2 separate reports.