How do I remove old transactions from my Accounts?

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I have been using Quicken since early 1990's and have continually upgraded and now run Reckon Accounts Personal Plus 2016. Over the years accounts have been opened & closed and I thought it would be a good idea to "clean up" the system data. If I just delete old transactions in accounts I am still using, I think this will affect my current balances. Is there some other way like changing the Account Opening Balance date from say 30 June 2000 to 30 June 2008, which would get rid of all those very old transactions prior to the latter date, but would keep my history for the last 7 years for taxation purposes? Or should I not worry about it?
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Tony Austin

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Posted 5 years ago

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I'm of the understanding that such archiving features are in the Reckon Accounts range, and not the Personal Plus range.  But others might chime in on this.

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Tony Austin

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Thanks Gary.
I'll give it more thought, and see if I can find another way round it.
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I have 20 years transactions on file. I wouldn't worry. The data file is not that big and at least you know your balances are correct! The history is there if you need it, particularly if you purchased property etc back then. Deleting would be more trouble than it's worth. Just hide the accounts and the transactions will still be in the balances. That's what I do
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Hiya Tony - you beat me - I have been using it since 1995.  Love it.
Anyway - once I made the mistake of deleting a cheque account I no longer had.   yes - it altered every balance because it removed every money transfer in and out of the account I had ever made.  Horrible.

I just hide the accounts now.
press CTRL+A and then choose the Manage Accounts tab.

Check the box in the first column which is "Hide Accounts"   You can also check the box to remove them from the account bar.  

I find this is the best way.   And now I have a wonderful database of all my accounts - like utility bills etc.  (except for that cheque account of course)   :)
Good Luck
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Agree.  I also rename the account CLOSED old name, and hide it, just in case it comes up by accident into a new transaction.
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Under the menu "File -> File Operations -> Year-End Copy" you can use this to archive your data file by copying older data to another data file and updating any accounts to keep them in balance.

I use this for any transactions that have passed the Tax retention period.

You can still open the archive data files if you need to do any reports.

If you have any shares or capital gains activities in your current data file make sure you don't archive relate transactions until the last one has been completed.

Not sure if this feature is available in Personal Plus.

I hope this helps.
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Tony Austin

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Many thanks to all of you for your responses to my question.
Yes, Anton & Gary, the function is available in Personal Plus, and it works beautifully.
I nervously tested it on the oldest month's data in my file!