How to Copy & Paste to New Reckon Accounts Hosted

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When creating new customers I used to just copy and paste their contact details into the customer fields in reckon accounts, but I can't seem to do that since it has changed to hosted. Copy and Paste from outside programs is a basic ablity - I hope that you can fix this because typing every singles persons details is going to be a pain in the arse and very slow.
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Posted 6 years ago

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Mirko, Alum

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Hey Michelle,

Thanks for the post, and welcome to he Community.

You should be able to use the clipboard on the top right hand side to paste in data.

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Hi Mirko - its just crazy to have to paste information into the clipboard  then re-paste into the line you want it to go in. Its given me a HUGE headache and I want to throw my computer out the window, however it is not my computers fault! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE rectify this issue and reinstate one of the MOST basic functions ever invented.
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I agree with everybody, this is insane.What we need to copy and paste are:
customer billing address, delivery address, phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, purchase order numbers, suppliers' bill numbers just to mention a few. Time is one thing but accuracy is the other. The chance to make a typo or number mistake is just too big. We had a rule in our company not to type but copy and paste.
We are considering to change to another software if this is not rectified or if don't get an answer when exactly will it be corrected. 
This is an error, clearly, in the 21 century Quickbooks shouldn't afford letting down so badly its customers.
Could anyone from Recon get back to us with a good enough answer?
Hi Mirko,

I just saw that now, but it seems like additional unnecessary steps. I used to be able to just copy using control-c or apple-c and paste using control-v or apple-v?
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Marion Lockwood

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled
copy and paste.

I usually enter a bill by copying and pasting it. Now that doesn't work any longer, can't paste. That means that I now would have to type everything in. Very time wasting.
Will that be fixed again?
This is horrendous. Now entering a new customer is a herculean task. Having to copy numerous times to clipboard is adding a step too many. Why can't we just command - copy, and command - paste like every other program in existence allows?
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This is a basic functionality and it is unacceptable for it to be disabled.  The clipboard is not a satisfactory solution.
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Carol Bradford

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I would like to agree with all of the above. The loss of the copy/paste functionality without going via the clipboard is  extremely time consuming (wasting may be a better choice of word) and highly frustrating. You cannot copy and past information into or out of the program without an additional step. Please revert to the basic functionality that previously existed.
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Samantha Kean

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I just want to copy and paste as I used to, such as from an email. I don't want to have to use the clipboard function for something that used to work well. Can we please go back to how it used to work PROPERLY!
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David Bourne

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Hi everyone

This has been driving me nuts too... Each end of month I manually copy in hundreds of entries of Billing Time via single activities. Since the move to the Web App I have been using the clunky process (click on clipboard icon, paste, copy to Reckon clipbpoard, and then paste again into the field). Web apps are great, and Reckon were right to go down this path, but this was a seriously annoying issue.

However, I have encountered a similar problem in another web app, and there we worked around it via using Internet Explorer (IE) and ensuring that "Allow programmatic access to clipboard" was enabled under "Internet Options->Security Settings->Custom Level". I use Firefox usually, but I tried using IE to see if I could implement the same solution.

The other computer is using IE9, and this one is on IE11. This one prompted me when I opened Accounts Hosted whether I wanted to enable access to this site to my clipboard. I clicked yes, and the problem is solved - I can paste all over the place into accounts hosted with Ctrl+V.

So, maybe try using IE and ensure that this setting is Enabled (or at least set to Prompt):
Internet Options->Security Settings->Custom Level->Allow programmatic access to clipboard

It's about the fifth option from the bottom... So scroll all the way down and then start looking upwards (there are tonnes of settings)... Good luck

David Bourne - Impala Systems
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Mirko, Alum

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Hey David, thanks for your post. That is correct, if anyone is using a Windows based machine, it's well worth trying IE as it has full integration with Windows Clipboard, thus it natively works within Hosted. I am unable to confirm when the other browsers will have native integration themselves. I will pass on your comments that of Kriszta to our Hosted Product Management team to investigate.
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David Bourne

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Thanks Mirko... I checked Firefox to see if there was a similar setting, but if there was I couldn't find it. I don't use Chrome yet, but will probably be dragged kicking and screaming that way eventually.
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Thank you David and Mirco. I am using Mac, and don't use IE for a long time. Any suggestion or advise for Chrome of Firefox or Safari?
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Mirko, Alum

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Hey Kriszta, unfortunately the Mac OS, Browsers & Hosted app do not have the same integration. I will pass on your feedback to our Product Team to investigate for future releases.
I have happily moved onto qbo online - best thing I have done all year! This was basically the clincher.
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Sue Miller

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This really should be fixed - going through an intermediate step to copy and paste is not productive or efficient. The printing saga is bad enough.
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2 years since this fundamental flaw was imposed upon users, are we any closer to a solution? Could be time for Xero
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Have you guys found a way to cut and paste yet? I see there is a little icon. Can't find that square thing on mine! And nothing helpful in help.
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Kerry Kennell

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I agree with this, need to copy and paste!! Just signed with Reckon Accounts Hosted and its the worse!
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Russell Gunn

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When will this be fixed as it's an absolute pain.

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