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Can someone pleae help me with the columns Headings I require to import an IIF File.
I require the following:
Name, Subitem, Sales Description,Cost, PurchTax code, COGS Ac, preferred supplier, Gross Ac, Tax code, income ac, Asset Ac, Reorder point, on hand and barcode.

I have worked my way through the Reckon help but the file is not uploading and they don't mention how to code the Tax Codes or the barcode.

Thanks in advance
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Posted 3 years ago

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John G, Information Support Analyst

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Hello Gabrielle,

Welcome to the Reckon Community.

A useful step is to create an export file of Items from the Sample file and use it as a base for your file.  

You can access the Sample file by going to the No Company Open screen and click on Open a sample file.

Gabrielle - per the email of today to you. 

Thanks for the Info John.  I have exported my item file list.  Just wondering why no barcode imports when there are barcodes saved in the individual items?
Sorry I meant to say why no barcode "exports".
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Patrick Ellis

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Hi John
Our Reckons Accounts Enterprise doesn't even have a sample file :-(  We have thousands of items in our system (19k) and having a dreadful time importing new pricelists from suppliers. Eg. The purchase tax code doesn't exist in the 'mapping' import process! So have to export the new list as an IIF file, add the purchase tax code into the column, then re-import the list to have a purchase tax code! This problem has existed since I first starting importing pricelists in 2004 and it's STILL a problem. It is a VERY complicated procedure to import a pricelist into Reckon. Who is the very best person to talk to in regards to importing an item list? Cheers. Patrick Ellis
Cannot import bar codes , manufacturing parts  and UOM , the iif tool is not  updated here in AUS.
We tried it , we could not. iif Tool is Inutit inc created tool and is like almost 25 years old now .
Looks like you have been doing this for some time and well frustrated  and stressed out and loosing valuable business time.
Cosmic tools  can provide this service to you  see how you go with John on his further suggestions.
Lets us do the job what we can do best and you can focus on your business what you do best.
I am available almost 7 days call me or write to me
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I had similar issue. My item list is approx 6000 items, updating weekly.

My solution was complex and took a long time to setup, but now works well.
Now takes approx 3 minutes to update my item list.

Requires advanced knowledge of MS Access to set it up initially

Use MS Access to import list from supplier
Use an Access query to create a table with correct headings etc (INCLUDING barcode) for the IIF file
Export the Access query to a text file, name the file xxxxxx.IIF, so Reckon recognises it as an IIF file
Use Reckon to import the IIF file

This is the "Headings" line of the IIF file.
The first field is !INVITEM. It must start with a "!"
Each heading separated by a TAB


The items are simillar
The first field is INVITEM ( without the "!" )
Fields separated by a TAB
This is one item from my IIF file

INVITEM Backup & storage:BATH-N5200PRO-DOM LD STOCK Thecus N5200PRO DOM Thecus N5200PRO DOM Sales Inventory Asset Cost of Goods Sold 61.00 45.00 Y GST Leader Systems Y NCG 79.00 71.82 BATH-N5200PRO-DOM

Hope that all makes sense !!

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Patrick Ellis

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Thanks Steve. I'll have a crack...haven't used Access for a looonnnggg time. It certainly makes sense what you are saying. Sounds easier than the pain I was going through with Excel.
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There will be a lot of trial & error to get it right. Use a dummy company file for testing till you get it right