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We have spent time on this new innovated Import Tool . This will import to RECKON ACCOUNTS via excel :
1. Purchase Order like from Databuild
 2. Customer list
3. Supplier List
 4. Stock Items with Qty
5. Chart of Accounts
5. Sales Invoices.
Only once mapping required and next process all automated
Will create any new List if not in Reckon.

FREE DISTRIBUTION TO ALL APs , come and pick Free  usb  at APC conference.
Call me if not coming to APC in Sydney at 31st March .
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Hello Chandra,

This sounds very helpful if the "stock items with Qty" is not only for loading opening balances but also for uploading monthly stock adjustments as part of stock-take.  Is that correct?
If yes how do I get a copy of this if I am in NZ?

hi  Bianca
We like to test if you can send me excel stock items with QTY , i am not interested in Clients coy info . We can now in one go from one screen Update stock qty and even new stock items .
send samples
THIS TOOL IS FREE, it has got other imports:COA, supplier, customer list, only for desktop
but for RAH we need to work on it.
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Is this import tool still available? I have a client using Reckon Enterprise, then need to import purchases from a 3rd party app. All purchase orders are created in the 3rd party app, and need to be imported into Reckon periodically.  I can create excel files or text files from the 3rd part app as needed.
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adrian snaidero

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Have used a product from the US called 
Transaction Pro for QuickBooks
TRY Transaction pro , but i have used it many years ago , it may not do in greater details  as to what provide , plus its USA support is bad , you cant get them except via email waiting for 12- 24 hrs.
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Thanks for the lead. I did download and try Transaction Pro, worked well. Unfortunately my  client has 3 users/PCs that need this import function, and 3 Transaction Pro licences was too expensive for them.  
Would there be a link to the Purchase Order IIF file format? I did see a sample file, but it was not very self explanatory. I can create a IIF file from my program, but need more information on its layout. My client would like to import several PO's at once in a single file if thats possible. My program is currently creating MYOB import files, but I dont want to migrate this client over to MYOB if I can avoid it.
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adrian snaidero

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Check product
YES, check ZED system , we  as developers have checked both Trans Pro US based , Bays consulting and ZED and accordingly have brought in multiple features thats missing from them. We can cusotmise to your individual need  And try getting live voice support from US providers.
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Hi Chandra,
Firstly, I am not a Reckon expert nor a finance expert. I manage our website and am trying to configure the export of our financial data (membership and event registration payments) into a usable form to make it easy for our finance team to import the data into Reckon Hosted.

So I am trying to figure out how to import a bulk data file of our CMS / website payment transactions from the CMS into Reckon Hosted.

I have been told this is not possible but I cannot believe that one must manually enter thousands of transactions.

Please can you advise me on:
1/ is it possible to bulk upload data into Reckon Hosted?
2/ the file type required e.g. tsv, csv etc?
3/ where I can ascertain the fields/format required for the upload?

Many thanks in advance,