Invoice App Add On for Desktop and Hosted Reckon Accounts -COMING!!!!!!!!!!

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Invoice APP Mobile Optimised ability to use on any mobile device is Coming!!!
Cosmic Innovations with Cosmic Accounting Group,will release by say in few months time ,say early October 2015 a great innovative product. Able to do invoice on any mobile device, send the invoice by mobile device .Also receive payments using mobile device .
First release will be on Desktop then hosted.
Cosmic Innovations welcomes any suggestions , features by the community or APs and partners they wish to see in this app. ALL PARTNERS AND APS will get 1 user free unlimited use.
contact us, 02 95411338, 0407068942, skype:chandra710
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New Invoice APP add on, we are  looking for businesses thinking of using the mobile optimised invoice. This will be almost same look as you see in Reckon desktop and hosted . ability to invoice using stock items, service items and we will have Sales Order to create invoice.
ability to send invoice from mobile device . Receiving payments on mobile will follow.
Invoice App Mobile Optimised ability to use on any mobile device is Coming!!!

We were expecting to get the Invoice app Add On ,by this October, unfortunately, its delayed, we are hoping to get it released  in next 2 months say by early December .

This will be for Hosted Reckon Accounts, ability to do invoice by inventory and service items for now.

Also our Mobile Time sheet for desktop is out , enter all your time sheet for your site employees on any mobile device. fully optimised, no squeezing,or pinching, will work on tablets iphones and and androids.
We are working on adding new feature SERVICE WORK SHEET, for plumbers, electricians and air conditioning business.  Enter all your details of work description and post to the client. This does not get posted to Reckon Accounts.
Will offer 1 free logins for  business more than  5 employees.