Invoices - Printing/Saving to PDF Crashing in RA 2020

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Just started encountering a problem today when trying to print or save to PDF invoices in RA Enterprise 2020 (desktop) .....

* Issue seems to be only for Invoices & Adjustment/Credit Notes (All other forms print/save to PDF OK, as well as reports - can print & save these no problem too)

* Print/Save just freezes/crashes (on spooling stage when printing) 

* Printers: HP Envy Printer & CutePDF

* Have recently upgraded PC hardware & OS to Windows 10

* Have Verified Co File - No Errors detected & Run Rebuild x 3

* Have tried rebooting PC multiple times

* Have deleted EVERY qbw.print & wpr.ini file on my PC but hasn't made any difference :(

It’s not a CutePDF issue as the same crash is occurring whether trying to:

* Print to CutePDF                            OR
* Print to my HP printer                 OR just
* "Save as PDF"                             

Interestingly, I've just tried all 3 processes on an invoice in the sample company & there's no issue at all in that data file!  So .... it's obviously something to do with my specific company file .....????  I have noticed the print to CutePDF has gradually been taking longer & longer to achieve (eg get past the freezing point) in recent weeks but today it just will not complete either printing or saving to PDF at all  :( :( :(

Has anybody else experienced this & resolved it?????

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Posted 1 month ago

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Jennifer Coonan

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I am having the same problems.  I can print reports to the printer and also CutePDF with no problems but not invoices & estimates.  I am also able to print invoices from the Reckon templates but not the custom invoices I have made.  Very frustrating.  I need to get Invoices out!!
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Jennifer Coonan

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After checking all the font on my invoice and ensuring that everything was in the correct margins etc.  I deleted my Logo (which I have used on Reckon for 12years) and it printed fine.  Very annoying.  Hopefully it is something similar for you.

Thanks Jennifer.

I think I've narrowed the cause of my issue down to User error on my part!  I decided to install One Drive for backing up all my files & had moved around some folders to ensure they were included.  As a result, I think my customised invoice template has dropped out of its default location :( 

.... Hoping to get it sorted over the next 24-48 hours!

Hi Jennifer


Yep ... Turned out to be a problem with one of my logos (even though I’ve been using them for years with no issues previously!?!?!?)


Am still not sure exactly what caused it ... upgrading from Win 7 > Win 10, a Windows Update, some folder moving (that one would be my fault!) or a combination or something else entirely but copying one of my logo files, deleting it from my invoice & adding the new copy instead fixed the issue for me after all other attempts - including program uninstall & reinstall – failed



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