Login issues on the new Reckon Accounts Hosted

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Hello Everyone,

If you are getting any of these log-in errors;

1. Cannot\unable connect to host
2. Connection closed\lost
3. Black screen

Please try the following:
1. Close the current tab
2. Log off Hosted Dashboard
3. Completely close down your browser (not just the current tab)
4. Wait 10 minutes
5. Re launch your browser
6. Internet Explorer uses must turn off Compatibility View Settings for reckononline.com.au
7. Login

Trust these steps get you in.

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John G, Information Support Analyst

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Posted 6 years ago

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Has anyone else got any other tips this didn't work either and now it is 2 days without reckon.  
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Michael Temme

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Well, that's it for me. I am one of the lucky ones, my licence expires in October. I am going elsewhere, anywhere but Wreckon Offline, oops, Online
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Ok, ....It's Clear we're all frustrated - and it seems Reckon have a battle on their hands.
But,.. what I can't understand is - Firstly, (and surely) this new accounts Hosted system should have had extensive testing before going live...and secondly...why haven't we (the Customers) the option to roll back to the previous system that was working last week - whilst they fix the problems ??
Is it too much to ask?
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Jason Caruana

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Yes this is what is now required , total negligence
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And now this is the message I get after being booted out for the 2nd time today after being on for only a short time.

Cannot communicate with the company file.
It appears that the Reckon Accounts Software on computer RJAH ********* is set up to allow shared access to the company file, but the Reckon Accounts software on your computer is unable to communicate with it.

The communication problem could be due to a firewall issue. If a firewall is installed on your network, you may need to reconfigure the firewall software.  For more information about firewall click the help button.
Please check the firewall settings and try again.

Now I knew this was total BS and had nothing to do with my firewall, but thought I would humour Reckon and go disable my firewall and try again.  And of course, I got the same message, so nothing to do with a firewall problem!

From one issue to another. Less than 1.5 hours to get wages completed before today's bank cut off after been trying all afternoon and yesterday.  Not looking good.  Lucky me getting to deal with the consequences and not Reckon, who is causing havoc in everybody's businesses.
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Are other people starting to feel the need to start a thread on this forum about what the best alternative accounting software might me... while we have time on our hands to research options?
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Jason Caruana

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Yep sounds good
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Margaret Manchee

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Wenona Pledge

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Maybe an article in the morning newspapers about the disruption to SME's in Australia caused by Reckon! 

I thought I was just here to sympathise as I managed to log on yesterday but this morning it was back to black.  Firefox worked yesterday but not today.  Tried all 3 browsers over the day and have now got in on IE10 but I think my mouse went out to lunch and had a few too many as it is acting very strange only in Reckon.
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royce deere

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Maybe Reckon should supply us all Reckon branded colostomy bags, as I am too afraid to get up and have one once I log in, and surely Reckon are taking the piss as well!!!

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Wenona Pledge

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Reckon CEO has just issued email personally apolgising.  I think he forgot the credit voucher he meant to send as an attachment. Oh wait, he probably couldn't print it!
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just got an email from the CEO .....sorry n all that ( a little too little and a little too late) but its ok as their support will be there till 7.00 pm tonight...
I can tell you that if reckon stays up and running I'll be here a lot later to catch up. .. any way here's the email - thought i would post it for them in case they couldnt! Yep Im always here to help.

Over the weekend we rolled out a new version of Reckon Accounts Hosted service. We had expected through careful planning that the transition to the updated service would have little impact on customers. However, over the last two days through community posts and calls through our contact centre I am aware that many of you have experienced issues with the service.

I want to personally apologise for any difficulties you may have had accessing and/or using the service since the change, and any problems you may have had contacting our support team.

Whilst many users have been able to gain access to the program, there are a number of users being impacted by a specific system issue that results in their program failing to connect. In some instances users can connect by trying again, but not always. We are looking at this as a matter of priority by putting everything behind getting the system working as it should as soon as possible. As soon as this is resolved an update will be posted on the Reckon Community.

For any customers experiencing other issues with the new service we’re working through these on a case-by-case basis, and the team will continue to do this by responding to as many users as possible, as quickly as possible. To expedite this process we’ve expanded our contact centre team, our support hours will be available until 7pm (AEST) today.

Making these changes to the Reckon Accounts Hosted service is something we’ve carefully planned and considered over the last year. Once we work through any and all issues users are experiencing through this upgrade process, I am confident that your user experience will be far better. You can see the full list of changes, as well as a list of FAQs and helpful videos, here.

Please be assured that we value the feedback and will continue to take account of customers’ opinions as the business and products evolve.

If you are continuing to experience problems or have further feedback please don’t hesitate to contact us via the community or via email to customerservice@reckon.com

Kind regards,

Clive Rabie
Group CEO - Reckon Limited 


While we all have time on our hands I thought I ask the community what other options for cloud based accounting systems are out there except for MYOB or Xero. I would like a system that can handle down payments, works in progress and goods in transit. Any feedback appreciated.
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I'd also be interested in above as per Anja's post (also need to be able to work foreign currencies, stock levels, and preferably price levels that are less cumbersome than Reckon).
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Rod Clark

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All I wanted was a mobile accounting solution - quickbooks no longer exists - at least it worked now no copy paste function on ipad - keyboard has to be reloaded on each new field - no tab at least bring back Citrix - it half worked - I could run a Buisness then
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Angela McCarthy

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Hi all. I had someone who had the same issue - when they went to log into the account, they could log in fine but when it came to launching the cloud software, it wouldn't actually connect. It would hang on the black screen and not connect at all and then drop the connection and go back to the launch page. 

We tried multiple things such as rebooting the modem/computer, tried IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. 

It wouldn't launch on a Galaxy Tablet yet it would work on an iPhone.

Tried on both a Windows 7 PC and Windows XP and both had issues. Error codes varied from simply dropping, to "Bad connection request" or "could not connect to the gateway". 

We disabled firewalls, security programs, checked startup processes, reset the browser. Still didn't work.

As a fluke option from having done software development - I decided to try and hold down SHIFT and launch the program - And it WORKED! 

For anyone that is having an issue like above, try holding down shift when you go to click launch. 

Hope that helps. 
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Michael Temme

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I have fixed my login issues completely. I have switched to Xero. It is unbelievable, I have logged in about 36 times this week, not one refusal, black screen, lock up, nothing. Worked every time. What a relief
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Jeremy Critchley

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Using this Reckon Hosted has been an absolute nightmare.  I cannot put a cost (I probably could...) on how much this unreliable this system has cost me.  I am so outraged at how much time I have wasted on this system.  I do not recommend this product at all, and I was the one that talked the business into getting it!!  NEVER again

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