Can you change Email address Hosted sends files from?

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How can I ensure the from email address that is displayed to our customers is our company email address - currently the address displayed is - I have checked in the company information and our address is correct there.

Am I missing something?

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Lynne Newbury

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Posted 6 years ago

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Mirko, Alum

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Hey Lynne,

Welcome to the Reckon Community.

That is correct your customers will be receiving emails from
Under the current system it has to be this way to prevent emails being caught up in spam filters.

It is an issue that will be addressed in the Reckon Accounts Hosted v2 (release date TBA).

Keep a look out on our social media pages, our Blog and on the community for any announcements regarding Hosted v2.


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Denise Belcher

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Has the issue that Lynne raised some time ago now been updated? We are using the latest version. If so how do I update this address as clients think it is spam at the moment and with reckon changing this address when they do an upgrade does not help as they just get used to an address and a new one appears.

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Hi Denise,

Until that new 'V2' which is apparently going to save everyone from all the problems they've ever encountered with the Hosted (V1) system, consider having your client 'white-list' the email addresses:
or whatever other email address the hosted system is using so that it does not get flagged as spam.


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Kay Laws Accredited, Accredited Partner

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An option is to send invoices to your own email from Reckon instead of sending direct from Reckon to your customer, then send attachment to your client from your own email account.
I do this for a client of mine & it works well for us.
You can change the send to address on the fly when emailing from Reckon rather than changing the customers email address in there card file.
Yes this adds additional steps, though gives you the options not only to view sent items but also set delivered & read receipts.

Kind Regards
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Gary Price

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Yep, that is indeed a possibility, but WHY? do we have to add all these additional time wasting steps.  There are already enough time wasting built in like the stupid lack of "Cut and Paste" & 7 steps to print a document.  Why make it so complex?
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Kay Laws Accredited, Accredited Partner

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Hi Gary,

Cut & paste is still available, I am using internet explorer as my Browser & I have had no problems & I do believe using other browsers the availability of the clip board allows this. May not be ideal but is still possible.
Printing may take more steps now though at lease we can now print, my experience trying to print prior to the release of V2 was absolute nightmare & extremely time consuming.


Not sure what you mean by this wasn't the way before the upgrade?
Sending invoices etc from Hosted prior to the release of V2 was also sent from a reckon id it was not an option to send from individuals email address!

Replies to emails sent from hosted will not be sent to Reckon they will be sent to the email address that is set up in your company information.

Kind Regards
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Gary Price

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Hi Kay,
Now you have me confused in regards to cut and paste.  Are you saying, for instance, if you want to cut and paste to an email address into the address field when sending an email you can do that directly without using the clipboard button?  This function is available in Internet Explorer, but not Chrome?
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Kay Laws Accredited, Accredited Partner

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I use internet explorer & for me there has been no change in the copy / cut & paste functionality. The clipboard is not an option when using internet explorer.
However I just tested this on Chrome & I could also cut & paste an email address into the address bar without using the clipboard also.

If you would like to email me your details to I'm happy to give you a call if I can assist.

Kind Regards
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Kay Laws Accredited, Accredited Partner

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Hi Faye,

Appreciate your frustration.
Reckon development team are working on this issue, however my instructions as advised above will avoid this issue in the interim.

Your client also has the option to customise the default email message sent with invoices / statements where they can provide their customers with their email address.
Edit > Preferences > Send forms > Company Preferences, here you can select the default message you would like to customise from the drop down box eg invoices, statements etc.

Kind Regards
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Ian Moss

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Any update on this issue of the 'sent from' email address?
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sherry dee

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I just moved across from MYOB and I was told that its the same for sending invoicing and would be from our company and not the case after I have paid. The problem is not fixed and don't think they will resolve this issue any time soon, I guess a good advertising for them.
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I was hoping this was resolved. I really want to be able to send remittances etc from a company email rather than the generic Reckon one. It looks terrible
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Rav, Community Manager

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Hi Renee,

This function is being worked on and reviewed, it's not available just yet but we're getting there.

There's some helpful information on how to ensure emails under the current environment are delivered & received successfully here -

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Original post is 2 years old and counting Rav..... Just saying....
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Quei .

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So we are now in 2017... 3yrs from original post. I have just swapped from one reckon to the hosted.. and I'm appalled with this issue. Also, when I clicked on send email, it was via outlook and it would ask me to confirm before sending it. It was a good opportunity to add a comment or an email, now it just goes without confirmation, no chance to add anything to it and no 'sent emails'!! So I cannot prove to a customer I sent the email!! This is such a basic part of a program that is appalling Reckon does not have it! 3 years people complaining and still no solution??

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