Message from the CEO to Reckon Accounts Hosted Customers

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To Reckon Accounts Hosted customers,
Due to ongoing growth of Reckon Accounts Hosted, increasing demand and our quest to provide a world-class service, Reckon embarked on a necessary upgrade to the underlying infrastructure of the service last weekend.
As a result of this process on Monday, 2 June 2014, some of you may have experienced difficulties accessing the Reckon Accounts Hosted service.
We’d like to apologise for the frustration that these difficulties with the service might have caused you.
Some of the difficulties customers reported included:
•    Slow login to the service,
•    Slow running of certain reports, and
•    At peak times of the day some were unable to login on the first try.

What caused the Reckon Accounts Hosted login issue?
The significant change to the underlying infrastructure involved upgrading to a technology platform that now gives us greater visibility, flexibility and control over the server infrastructure supporting the service. This upgrade carried out in preparation for our busiest time of the year, now improves the stability, speed and performance of the  service overall.
Following the upgrade early on Monday, 2 June, we detected an issue with the configuration of our servers’ storage that resulted in a number of users experiencing some of the issues as mentioned above.
Our technical teams worked relentlessly during this period to resolve the issues being experienced by customers and by Tuesday afternoon our support enquiries indicated that most customer problems were resolved. We are now getting positive feedback about the service.
Throughout this time the Reckon Community was regularly updated, and customer queries through our contact centre as well as social media channels were answered.

What did we achieve as a result of the upgrade?
We know that the Reckon Accounts Hosted service is a critical business tool for thousands of businesses. As a result of the upgrade to the underlying infrastructure of the service we now have:
•    Increased capacity to deal with increasing demand, and
•    Better stability and reliability during peak times.

Our ongoing improvements to the service

We also acknowledge that improvements to the service overall are essential. At a date soon to be announced, we are planning to launch a new version of Reckon Accounts Hosted. This new version will provide:
•    A more streamlined login process so that all users can access Reckon Accounts Hosted from any device without the need to install any plug-ins or agents,
•    A single version of Reckon Accounts Hosted to provide one service for all users, meaning all users will have access to a single premium service,
•    Improved printing capabilities, so that your business can easily select a local printer without needing to worry about configurations within Reckon Accounts Hosted, and
•    Improved data file backup management capabilities so you have greater visibility and control over the backup of your data files.
We will also work on improving how we communicate with you to ensure you are informed as early as possible of any potential trouble spots.

Again, we apologise for any frustration that difficulties with the Reckon Accounts Hosted service may have caused you.


Clive Rabie
Chief Executive Officer

Zack Levy
Chief Information Officer

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Mirko, Alum

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Posted 6 years ago

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Darren Stewart

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Great to see the product is investing in improving and future proofing.

I have been unable to log onto hosted since these changes occurred and it may be related - I log into the website, click on the 2014 icon, connect but then a logon box pops up asking me to enter a user name & password for a windows server - I need to be able to access my data (to state the obvious) - any suggestions?

I run a business and am rarely in my office during business hours - your support desk works crap hours (and there's not much point calling unless I'm in front of the pc).



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Mirko, Alum

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Hey Darren,

Thanks for your feedback, we take great pride in ensuring we are developing products to meet today's needs as well as those of the future.

We understand that not all customers require support during standard business hours, that's why the community is here 24/7! While we're on that topic, welcome to the Community!

Regarding your login issue, there is a discussion we have going regarding this;

In short if you reset your browser and if using ie10/11 there's a few thee steps like making sure you've added the page the reckon page is added as a trusted site (more info :

A browser reset may also do the trick.

Hope this helps.

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Darren Stewart

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Hi Mirko.

I've completed the reset as per the instructions and restarted my PC. It did not fix the issue.

I have entered my reckon user Id & password in the pop up. Nothing.
I have entered my PC user Id & pasword in the pop up. Nothing.

I'm with Chris - I cannot run my business without access to my data. Your help desk operating hours are useless - you have known issues at the moment so they should be available.

Generic answers don't cut it - I need help. Please.

Darren Stewart
DLS Contracting Pty Ltd
user Id 1434715-1
+61 448 516 318
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Chris Stoltz

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Message to the CEO

Clive and Zack,

I've been a Reckon / Inuit / Quickbooks user since the mid 1980s. In fact, I believe I brought the first two copies of Quickbooks into Australia as a result of a visit to Inuit in the US.

I stuck with you after you split from Intuit in the belief that I would have a more reliable service.

I can't logon. I have my May invoices to prepare. Your call centre is closed (only open business hours Monday to Friday). Your 1902 223101 urgent call centre is not answering ... and if I do get through I've been warned I'll be charged $4.90 per minute ... for something that's been caused by your inability to undertake an upgrade successfully.

These changes you made might offer you some strategic advantages for the future ... but that "increased capacity" and "better stability" won't be worth much if people like me can't logon and are forced elswhere.

Can you please do something urgently so that I can logon.


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Mirko, Alum

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Hey Chris, sorry to hear you have had issues logging in. At this point in time there are no known system wide issues with Hosted, but I'd like to look into this matter for you.

Are you receiving any particular messages wen logging in? Which browser are you using? Have you tried another PC.

As a side note, the premium support contact number is open for normal weekend hours. The 1300 number is only available during business hours.

Darren, if reset if browser still results in the pop up coming up, you need to put QBI\customer id, and your normal password. Alternatively, you may wish to try logging on to standard, or trying an alternate browser.

Let me know how you both go.


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Mirko, Alum

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Cheers, for the update Darren. I'll pass your feedback regarding the CC pop up to IT and Development to look into when I'm back in the office on Tuesday. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
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My screen has just frozen yet again. What now,. Can't close anything at 4.49pm in WA.  
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Mirko, Alum

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Hey Sue, if everything is frozen. You may try to hit CTRL+ALT+DEL or use the 'Force Stop' option on OSX. If even those options are in available, you may need to perform a hard restart. Thanks, Mirko
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Stephen Lewis

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Totally agree- helpdesk hours are useless

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