Mobile Time Sheet for Reckon Hosted by Cosmic Challenge!!!!!

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We have been getting inquiries on how we can get Cosmic Mobile time sheet work for Reckon Hosted. We have a solution that can work for most of the users.
We like to test for any business who have employees up to 50 employees requiring mobile time sheet and they have Reckon Hosted.
The challenge is that how quick we are able to get RAH data file into desktop version sync all tine sheet with Cosmic Admin panel that tracks the daily time sheet and upload to RAH.
The whole process say for 50 or even more employees will take say max 1 hr once every week we think.
There is a downtime while the RAH data file is on desktop say 1 hr or less and this interruption has to be prearranged that can be done very early or late or even over nite this service is provided free by Cosmic

Further to this any one who is using 3rd party payroll software  and wishes to integrate their payroll hours into Reckon Hosted , we have had great success.
We can sync 500 employees in 15 minutes to Reckon Accounts or Hosted.
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