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Not a happly customer !!! since upgrading to Windows 10 we can no longer email invoices from our Reckon program and keep getting error 20 Printer not activated. This is extremly frustratrating and now makes the program unsuitable for our needs. Tried contacting Reckon and unless I pay per minute to get assistance I am left with an unsuitable program. I consider this service by Reckon extremly dissapointing as this is their program and they clearly have a clitch in the system - they cannot say they are unaware of this problem as any search engine lists ongoing issues with the same problem. before I make a change to MYOB if anyone has a non complicated way to rectify this problem I would love to hear or I am now an ex Reckon user - Reckon you need to offer better support to your products!!

If I cannot resolve, I will be returning the program to Officeworks for a full refund due to a faulty program or an unsatisfactory response from Reckon.

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stuart Crockart

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Posted 5 years ago

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If it was me I would uninstall windows 10
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Really sorry to hear you've had quite a bit of frustration with your product Stuart!

I'm sure the Community will be able to help you out here.

Which Personal range product and version are you using? 

There is a post here which may be helpful in relation to error code -20 also -

Let me know,

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I can only's outrageous that they charge for support of their product. Unfortunately they gave a monopoly of such personal finance software and behave as such.
Can't help but drop a line here, as there are numerous levels of support for customers with licensed product......   Seems that readers assume the after-hours paid service is the only option - quite the opposite.....

I'd like to help clarify some support options for you.  Yes, there is a premium support with a cost, but that is for people who urgently require help that is outside of the normal business hours.   However, many a problem can be solved 24/7 by referring to the Community, which you've found here. There are solutions, and contacts, and of course the opportunity to advice, share or highlight matters as well.

But for business hours calls,  there are support services available within your contracted fee costs.   Not only that, but there are 330+ accredited partners that you can commercially call upon at their promoted times as well.

We've compiled a summary of the lot, including the special numbers of those with special products like Enterprise and HOSTED.

And there are registration numbers that can also be called free of charge during business hours.   

I commend Reckon for having such a range of choices.

Check out:

Gary Pope
m: 0408994799
An Accredited Partner- Consultant (VIC. Aust)
"Working with Accountants/Bookkeepers PPs/APs, as an
     independent IT Professional and retired FCPA Accountant"
Att:  Steve Gapper..... please call me.  0408994799  to discuss your comment about this forum topic of Staut Crockart

m: 0408994799
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Thanks for the comments, after my discussion with Reckon yesterday it appears the Reckon Accounts 14 is not suitable to run though Windows 10 and will only offer me limited functions i.e. cannot print or email via Microsoft Outlook. Now that I was aware of this I asked if Reckon Accounts 15 would would work and I was advised yes - they stated that this is the way they force clients to upgrade their programs ( this is an absolute scam) so what I did is go out and buy Reckon Accounts 15 yesterday and guess what - it still wont email from Outlook and keeps saying "printer not activated error 20" so let me update Reckon their 15 is not applicable to use if you have Windows 10 installed.- I must warn everyone if you are using Windows 10 do not buy a Reckon program!. let me further add in reading the system requirements on the package nowhere does it state not suitable for use with Windows 10- I consider this is false advertising and an intention of misleading any potential clients. I will attempt to contact their technical support once more today and if they offer me another lame response or cannot assist I will not waste any more time on Reckon and make a switch to an alternative accounting software. This problem has cost me a lot of time and money let alone the work required to change to another form of software, I wont make the same mistake again and will ensure any new software is suitable to run through Windows 10 before I purchase it. 

Technical Support may suggest your solution resides at:


Back on 25/8/2015, we provided an update to that KB article for the WIN10 points.

1.  (ii).    Windows 10:    c:\Program Data\Intuit\Reckon Accounts 2015\
2.  (ii).     Windows 10:  SEARCH FOR "CONTROL PANEL"    to do above
3.  (xv)   (i)   Windows 10:  Select Background Processes
                       > Spooler SubSystem   App > Print Spooler
                        and click the "STOP"  ( End Task) button.

4.    Repeat Step 2 for every QuickBooks and Quicken related PDF converter
       and Send to OneNote
.  We suggest the following names for ports:

5.  (i)     Windows 10:    c:\Program Data\Intuit\Reckon Accounts 2015\
6.  (ii)    Windows 10:     Under SETTINGS paragraph heading..... 
              tick Run this program as an administrator

      (iv).  Note: do not tick run this program in compatibility mode I the
              Compatibility mode section.

If you provide your email, I can forward the complete article with screenshots that demonstrate the correction to the -20 issue with Win 10 and Reckon Accounts 2015 R2. 


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Stuart Holding

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Im having no luck with Reckon Accounts Business 2015 on Windows 10. Can you send me the instructions please? Or should I give up and buy a different software?
I mean for a bloke running an engineering company to have to go through this trouble just to do his invoicing? Really? Hope the instructions you give are easy to follow and work or Reckon is going in the bin. A few mates are using MYOB without any issues.
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Hi Stuart,

Welcome to the Reckon Community.

Firstly, make sure Outlook is your default email client  and then on your Reckon Accounts launch icon right click it > Properties > Compatibility; and tick the box to Run this program as an administrator.

the 2016 edition of Reckon Accounts was released yesterday and it is fully compatible with Windows 10 and with Outlook 2016.

Hope this gets you emailing.  

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Stuart Holding

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Hi John,
Outlook is my default email and Ive tried running reckon as an administrator. You get one emailed invoice then its stops working. After trying a few different methods(4 hours to send 10 invoices!), I've discovered you need to shut down the pc after each one. Poor result. I have to admit I'm not feeling too confident in spending more money on another Reckon product. Do I get a warranty/refund if the new version does the same thing? My existing version was only purchased in November 2015. Do I get the new working version for free or at least a massive discount?
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Stuart I have the same issue. You should not have to shut down the PC

You only have to close Reckon and re-open.

If you have to shutdown, perhaps there is some other issue going on...

So Stuart I am having exactly the same problem!  Stupid Windows 10 downloaded last night and I have been trying unsuccessfully for the last 5 hours to try and email an invoice to a client!  I am heading overseas in 2 days time and was trying to get all my bookwork done - I am really annoyed at Reckon for obviously knowing this is happening and not addressing the problem!  I love how the Manager advises that there is support available during business hours!  What about for me who is sitting here at midnight trying to fix the god damn program so I can get my work done!  Really really annoyed and will be also purchasing another program.  This is pathetic!

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Try the articles linked above to see if they help you out.
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Stuart Holding

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The advice is useless. The same problem still exists. Ive tried a few different ways to get a refund for this faulty product with no success. I purchased it from Harvey Norman but they say its Recons problem. Recon only send me around in circles trying different 'fixs' that haven't worked. Maybe a class action is needed.
Any decent company would replace or upgrade their faulty product but Recon don't seem to care about their customers, as long as they've taken the money. Ive since learned from all the companies I deal with in business that they've dumped Recon and are having success with Zero.
Goodbye Recon