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Hi Guys,

Good day.
I am trying to post a Payment using Reckon Accounts Hosted API.
However upon trying to send my post data on Reckon Azure portal.

I am having this error: 
 "Message": "Error connecting to Reckon Accounts. Reckon Accounts found an error when parsing the provided XML text stream."

I have experience this before, this occurs when I mis-spelled a column on the qbXML request. Or missed a column.

But I am a bit dead end on what column or required field I missed on the qbXML request for the Payment Add Request.

Below is the post data that I am sending.
"Filename": "Q:\\I8TestRAH\\Cougar Enterprises.QBW",
"Operation": "<?xml version=\"1.0\"?><?qbxml version=\"6.1\"?><QBXML><QBXMLMsgsRq onError=\"stopOnError\"><ReceivePaymentAddRq><ReceivePaymentAdd><TxnDate>2017-06-06</TxnDate><RefNumber>CR064994</RefNumber><TotalAmount>500.00</TotalAmount><Memo>PHP20799</Memo><CustomerRef><FullName>Jerwin Ollica Plaquia</FullName></CustomerRef><PaymentMethodRef><FullName>Cash</FullName></PaymentMethodRef><IsAutoApply>1</IsAutoApply><AppliedToTxnAdd><TxnID>14C13-1496126323</TxnID><PaymentAmount>500.00</PaymentAmount></AppliedToTxnAdd></ReceivePaymentAdd></ReceivePaymentAddRq></QBXMLMsgsRq></QBXML>",
"Username": "TestApp",
"Password": "1234",
"CountryVersion": "2015.R2.AU"
Hope you can help me on this one.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Hi Jerwin,

I came across this error before but for another request. As my understanding the order of putting fields in your request is important. Make sure the order of fields in your request body is correct and same as  QBXML SDK version 6.1.
Hi Mehrnoosh,

I am not aware of the ordering of fields on the request.
But I tried it, on how it was ordered on the QBXML SDK, and the error still occurs.

But still, thanks for the tip.
Obviously, your XML doesn't follow the expected order, the Customer Ref needs to appear first.

So from your XML, the right order would be:

  • CustomerRef
  • TxnDate
  • RefNumber
  • TotalAmount
  • PaymentMethod
  • Memo
  • IsAutoApply
  • AppliedToTxnAdd
Hi Phuong,

As I have mentioned above the reply to Mehrnoosh.
I have already tried it in that order.
And unfortunately, same error occurs.

Hoping for your quick response.
Can you send the latest XML that you have?
Here it is.
"Filename": "Q:\\I8TestRAH\\Cougar Enterprises.QBW",
"Operation": "<?xml version=\"1.0\"?><?qbxml version=\"6.1\"?><QBXML><QBXMLMsgsRq onError=\"stopOnError\"><ReceivePaymentAddRq><ReceivePaymentAdd><CustomerRef><FullName>Jerwin Ollica Plaquia</FullName></CustomerRef><TxnDate>2017-06-06</TxnDate><RefNumber>CR064994</RefNumber><TotalAmount>500.00</TotalAmount><PaymentMethodRef><FullName>Cash</FullName></PaymentMethodRef><Memo>PHP20799</Memo><IsAutoApply>1</IsAutoApply><AppliedToTxnAdd><TxnID>14C13-1496126323</TxnID><PaymentAmount>500.00</PaymentAmount></AppliedToTxnAdd></ReceivePaymentAdd></ReceivePaymentAddRq></QBXMLMsgsRq></QBXML>",
"Username": "TestApp",
"Password": "1234",
"CountryVersion": "2015.R2.AU"
Can you remove IsAutoApply tag? I don't think you need it in this case, it is only when you don't want to specify any invoices and let the application to auto apply the payment to outstanding invoices.
Hi Phuong,

That did it.
How ironic, that before I get the error because I didn't supply enough information for a request. But now I get the error because I am supplying too much data. Hehe.

Thanks for the help Guys!
Good day.