Reckon Accounts Hosted - Request Error (30 January 2018)

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Hi everyone,

We're currently investigating early reports of issues access Reckon Accounts Hosted.

Reports show that launching Hosted leads to the following screen below -

Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience and frustration this is causing, we've got the team on this as we speak.

I'll keep you posted with more information


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Rav, Community Manager

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Posted 2 years ago

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Rav, Community Manager

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Hi again everyone,

The Hosted team have further work going through right now which will take effect in approximately 15 minutes which will assist with the incoming login requests/load. While that is not a fix or total solution it should assist with getting more folks online. I can't guarantee it will get everyone online but it should help.

As before, work is still ongoing at the moment. More info to follow
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Roger Thompson

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I still cannot log in. This has gone on too long!
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Rav, Community Manager

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Roger, can you please retry logging in now as per my latest post below.

If you continue to have issues, can you let me know what you're running into specifically on logging in.
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Kylie Fischer

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reports are not complete.......?
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Roger Thompson

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I just get the "Create..." or "OPen..." boxes 
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Rav, Community Manager

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Exit (File > Exit) then end any & all active sessions in the Hosted control panel under the 'Log off Remote Sessions' area, then logout and retry after 5 minutes.
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Gordon Fogg

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Argh a yearning for a return to the good old days where the software was stored on the local pc and you could at least have control your recovery processes rather than having no control over how long your office gets to be unproductive for!!  You must excuse my sarcasm but along with a lot of other users’ time is money and sitting twiddling thumbs looking at repeated messages about how the issue is being looked at doesn’t cut it.  It seems to be Déjà vu from when previous Reckon hosted changes have been implemented.
This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled KICKED OFF AND NOW CANNOT LOG BACK IN ON 2ND COMPUTER ? 2 DAYS IN A ROW ?.

Got Kicked off now cannot log back in ? Middle of a very busy day ? 2 days in a row Not Happy !!
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Kathleen Caldow

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Still not able to log in. Not Good enough.
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Charley van Rotterdam

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Just keeps going through the "connected" stage
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Naomi Dekker

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im still getting the error
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Naomi Dekker

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The most frustrating thing is i logged in early this morning with no issues but got booted.. is there a way to stay logged in and not get booted as I move from job to job throughout my day and every time I go to use Reckon I need to log in again after getting booted 
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Tonys Tyres

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Michelle Belle

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i have to start keying in my 100 orders for tomorrow - they need to be finished in 3 hours... this has been going on for hours. i still have ablack screen. this is ridoiculous and it seems you have no idea whatsoever when it will be fixed... not even stressful.... wtf! 
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I have just lost connection to Reckon and now cant log in...
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Still unable to get connected, goes through to Open a Company file but there is no option to select our company file.
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Leisha S

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EOM, accountant trying to work on file, need to do quotes..........templets changing "but it must be your doing Mrs S, it can't happen on our end". Everytime I login & hold my breath hoping it still nothing happening. What would you do Reckon if my business was failing to provide the service YOU were paying for?
1pm & I'm only just starting my day...........crap!
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Rav, Community Manager

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Hi all,
If you are currently logged into Hosted and you are experiencing slowness/performance issues to the point where its unusable, please exit your file (ENSURE that you use File > Exit, not just close your browser window) and logout (use the logout option).

Once that is done, close your browser and give it a couple of minutes before logging back in. You should connect to a new host which is performing correctly.

Please only do this if you're logged in and unable to use functions to the point where its extremely slow.
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Rav, Community Manager

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Thanks John
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Kerrie H

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Well my email program is innundated with unhappy comments from Reckon Hosted customers.  Word of mouth is a big advertiser and it seems not many people are willing to recommend Reckon anymore.  Reckon QuickBooks named Best Small Business Accounting package by PC User’s Top 100 products review in 2004, thats now 14 years ago.  What's happened since?
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Rav, Community Manager

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To be fair Kerrie, tensions and frustrations will obviously be high (quite rightly so) on an open forum thread about a service outage affecting folks using said service, hence the multiple emails in your inbox of this nature.

We stand behind all our products, Hosted included but we're not perfect, issues will happen and quite frankly no technology solution is immune to that.

What we do from here is the next most important step and that is to review whats happened, learn from it and then take action collectively to ensure it either doesn't happen again or if it does, how to handle it better or more efficiently. We've got a lot of dedicated people in Reckon committed to doing just that.

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Vivien Atcheson

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My daughter had an excellent suggestion today.

When your developers are looking at making changes - would it not be worthwhile getting some feedback from long time users from different industries and businesses. It would give them the opportunity to point out potential issues that the changes might cause. It might also give them some insight into how the software is being used across many platforms?

Perhaps email long term users and ask if they would like to participate etc.

I find it frustrating when we are forced to accept "upgrades and improvements" that might suit some - but regularly don't suit me. I feel like your developers need to add value rather than cull functions in order to supply others. ie. if it works for me I am not complaining - however some recent changes seem to have been made to placate to squeaky wheel by ignoring the needs of others. A little more consistency would be much appreciated.

Thanks for listening.
To be fair Rav I don't think people are being unreasonable and assuming that technology has its downfalls, but just like you say, it's how you cope with it and you would hope you get better the next time a failure happens.  HOWEVER that doesn't seem to be happening and that is why people are frustrated, it doesn't seem to be getting fixed any quicker when you guys have a major issue and people can't operate their businesses.  You have to remember this is peoples livelyhoods so emotions will be high no matter what you say - its about actions and seeing results.
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Paul Hyland

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Mary Aughney

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I haven't been able to log in at all today and getting a bit desperate.  Is there any update?
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Rav, Community Manager

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Hi Mary,
The login issues from earlier today have been resolved and access should be back to normal.

Can you please try checking if there are any active sessions running in your Hosted control panel and if so, log them off.

Once that is done, logout and retry logging in after 3-5 minutes?

Let me know how you get on
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As I have read all the posts on this thread it is quite obvious that Rav is just another employee of Reckon that has no concept of what these issues are doing to the businesses that use hosted. Easily identifiable by the lack of responses to the serious posts about lost income and high expenses caused by these issues, its the same as Reckon customer service, there is actually NO SUCH THING, the group you ring are people that just yawn while you are venting your frustrations, recording the conversation and just move on to the next one without a care as that is what they are paid to do..Users need to remember the power of the customer , if we ALL do what you say and find another programme. People like RAV will no longer have a job.

It is obvious he doesnot care because out of about 30 posts i have read he has only answered about 4 or 5. Once again proof that they have your money and dont care. My guess is that he wont respond to this post either, believe me there are many other BETTER programs out there we are just deciding which one

Real Customer service would be doing their best to ensure the customer is happy and Reckon has no idea how to do this!!!!
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John Graetz

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Hi Darryl.  I have been a critic of what has been happening.  In the very early stages of the change, I called this an unmitigated disaster, but changed my tune as further changes and fixes came to light.  Perhaps, as it has turned out now, I might not be too far wrong.  However, in defence of Rav, I point out that as the Community Manager, he is the poor sucker who takes the flack on behalf of Management, whoever they are - they are the ones who keep silent and don't ever seem to bother to show their faces or proffer any apologies for what is going wrong - will they come public now or just continue to let Rav be the "scapegoat".  I hope they pay Rav very well, because he holds an unenviable position.
John L G 

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