Reckon Accounts Personal Plus 2015 on a Mac?

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I want to buy a Mac to replace my aging Windows PC.  How well does Personal Plus work with VMWare or Parallels (or even BootCamp)?  Anything I should be aware of?  What was the experience of others?



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Posted 5 years ago

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Neil Belknap

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Don't have MAC platform
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Thanks Neil but I was referring to running Personal Plus on a Windows Virtual Machine which is running on a Mac (not running directly on the Mac OSX).  VMWare and Parallels are the software that provide a Windows virtual environment on the Mac.

BootCamp (from my understanding) allows you to boot a Mac in either OSX or Windows mode.

Would any or all of these allow Personal Plus to work on a Mac?

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Neil Belknap

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I am somewhat a neophyte on computers and programs. Wish I could help, but am afraid I  can't assist  Good Luck
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Alex Reid

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Good luck Mantorok with your plan.
I really don't like your chances. A lot of us even have trouble using PP on Win 8.1.
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Mirko, Alum

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Hey Mantorok, I've located a couple threads from users who are using a Virtual Machine set up on OSX. If you are looking from feedback from those using that particular set up, it could be an idea to post in those threads - they may respond to your query.

Here's a few
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Hi Mantorok,

Since Boot Camp entails installing a Windows operating system on the Mac hardware, that would most likely give you the best result (compared to running natively on a PC running Windows).

If using Parallels or VMware Fusion, then a Windows 7 installation within those environments would likely give you less problems than having a Windows 8.1 installation.

If you're still encountering a problem, then making use of the 'Windows XP mode' feature of Windows 7 (also unofficially an option under Windows 8.x) could be used.

You will however end up with an Apple Mac hardware with OSX with say Parallels running a Windows 7 operating system AND within that a virtualised Windows XP. 

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Graham Boast, Accredited Partner

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Hi Mantorok

I have a client running Personal under Parallels with Win7.  Runs fine.

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Thanks Graham I too am buying a mac and was worried I would have to switch to MYOB & relearn everything again.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled I was wondering if many people use Reckon Accounts on a Mac. Was thinking of cha....

3 points on your question

1. Reckon Accounts is the name of the 25+ year old product formerly known as Quickbooks.     That latter name is now used by the USA based Intuit firm.

2.  Reckon Accounts on a desktop,  requires a Windows environment.  But if you are talking multiple users, and you have the main Reckon Accounts Desktop running on a windows server,  then a MAC could access that using RDP-for-MAC.    

you may be only considering a single-user product that you want to run entirely on the MAC,  so this is not for you , in that case.

3.  There is Reckon Accounts HOSTED which is effectively the top of the line Enterprise product,  but runs on an Amazon Data Centre  referred to as RA "HOSTED".  That product only needs a BROWSER  and this is an ideal solution if that RA product suits your needs for accounting, AND you desire a MAC.


Full details are available at the link below, and on our 'solutions' website

Gary Pope
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      independent IT Professional
and retired FCPA Accountant"
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Just thought I'd give those interested an update.  I finally got myself a new iMac and decided on VMWare Fusion and Windows 7 Professional.

Installation of Personal Plus 2015 was straightforward and my files opened up ok.  In fact I feel it runs smoother on the iMac than it did on my HP laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium.  The files open much quicker and I don't have to run PP as an adminstrator and get those annoying pop ups each time I launch it.

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Hello, I run Reckon Personal Plus 2013 via Mac on VMware Fusion running Windows XP, have done so for maybe 8 years no issues at all. 2015 version of Person Plus is only suitable for Windows 7 so not sure what next as hard to buy Win7. Dean
Dean.  You may have to consider MAC with Parallels with WIN10 (if WIn7 Pro not available) and deal with the Win10 nuances.

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Reckon FAQs, Employee

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Hi Dean,

Welcome to the Reckon Community.

2015 is suitable for Windows 7 and 8.  It will run on Windows 10 with the tweak of setting the launch icon to Run As Administrator.  The 2016 version will be fully compatible with Windows 10.

We did not test 2015 on Windows XP because by then Windows XP was no longer available.  2015 will probably run on it - there may be some inconsistent behaviours, so why not download a trial and test it out?  Just be mindul that you cannot have two installations of Reckon Accounts Personal on the one PC.

Hope this helps.