Reckon Host Soooooo Slow! & Glitchy

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Why is Reckon Hosted running so slow and freezing! We have done the update and have the high speed ADSL available. This is really getting beyond a joke, stopping us from working and really frustrating. Anyone else having these problems?
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Posted 5 years ago

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I beleive there is a TYPO on the Reckon speed test page, showing UPLOADS in kbps  when it is really Mbps.  Check my mathematics and input here.....

I'd appreciate talking with you, because I believe your observations from an IT/environment point of view are touching well on the issue.  (If you are in AUST, TXT me a contact number to 0408994799, and I'd be happy to call back no charge.).  My focus is IT, integration and technology, supporting fellow AP's/PP's (partners).

To help compare notes, up front,  I've done the tests you've mentioned, and attached the Reckon AWS results alongside OzSpeedTest  results.   I'm in the IT industry with lots of internet connections I can use for testing.  But I've chosen one that does not enjoy some unique NBN or fast cable luxury.  (Many of my clients are regional, outback, and lucky if they have 3G, let alone ADSL1).   My test  here, is on an Telstra Bigpond ADSL2 connection but at 4kms from exchange and I know it typically performs at only about 3500kbps,   (I call it:  ADSL1.5 !!).  I've performed a test to Optus VIC, to demonstrate local capability.  

Being in VIC myself, and given the AWS site is in NSW,  then I also believe it is fair that users attempt to see what a traceroute demonstrates.  (IE:  What latency or interruption exists between the user's end, and the AWS server end.   Because the number of HOPS and the amount of cross traffic, shared traffic, crossing the path between the user and the server, also has a bearing on the result.

Having said all that,  Richard,  the important points to look into are those UPLOAD (out of the client and into the AWS), and the DOWNLOAD  (out of the AWS server and down into the client)  speeds

I think it is important to double check the Reckon definition of upload and download.   For the comparison that you make Richard,  we are assuming that the Reckon test is documenting the results relative to the USER (and not relative to the AWS).   It is an important assumption,  because Data Centres, and the industry, particularly Wholesale Telstra for instance,  specify speeds relative to the SITE.  IE:  If you were to consider yourself as the owner and occupier of the AWS DataCentre in Sydney,  then the DOWNLOAD speed would be the speed at which data comes down into the data centre.  SUch data, in today's context,  would be the typed/entered new transaction data that a Reckon client would be sending UPTO the AWS centre.  (IE:  It would be seen as the complete reverse set of specifications).    This is important when comparing Data Centre specs to another Data Centre specs,  which are often outlined in terms of the experience you'd have if sitting inside the data centre....   not at some remote client end like a Reckon User is.

Anyway,  enough of  "internet101", sorry,   I just wanted all the facts to be clear.

My results: 

real download speed locally  down into ABS (my client end):  4909 kbits/sec
   (which is a pretty favourable number for the real link I have in place here)
real upload speed locally up out of ABS (my client end):            760 kbits/sec
       (using a Optus:VIC target 8000/1024 test)

The Reckon Test reports:
 "Download"  of  4.26Mbits/sec      (4362 kbits/sec)
 "Upload" speed says 0.7kbps  
  HOWEVER,  it says the upload was 8.08Mbytes (64.64megabits,  66,191kbits)
   which took  93 seconds to upload   66,191 / 93  equates to   711.73kbits/sec
   which happens to be 0.7Mbps  not   0.7kbps.

It seems to me,  that there is a TYPO on their results page

I'd be focussing more on what is discovered from traceroute results to see what traffic conflicts exist environmentally.


Gary Pope
An Accredited Partner- Consultant  (VIC. Aust)
"Working with Accountants/Bookkeepers PPs/APs, as an
      independent IT Professional
and retired FCPA Accountant"


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