Reckon One Enhancements (9 May 2016)

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Hi everyone,

Our Reckon One team have introduced a series of enhancements to our cloud solution Reckon One which are now live!

These include;

Bank Payments
Payroll items can now be included for bank payment transactions. When selected, this will pass on the breakdown of all payments made to all the employee accounts. In the example below, the employee has 2 direct bank accounts which is why the bank payment amount is split in two.

When a payroll payment item is removed from the bank payment, all relating pay items for that payment will also be removed from the grid. In the example below, there are 4 pay items relating to one payment transaction.

SuperStream Lodgement
Superstream lodgement functionality has been enabled. Customers can lodge their super requirements online and data will be automatically sent to the NAB Superpay portal.
The lodgement functionality is only available in Books that have the MEDIUM Payroll module enabled.

To access, go to the Payroll menu and click SuperStream, click Add or Edit a Superstream batch. The Lodge button is available by clicking the dropdown option located next to Preview.

When lodged is clicked, the user will be presented with a confirmation screen before completing their lodgement request.
By clicking Send Batch, Super information is sent to the NAB portal.

The screen will return to the lodged TAB after Send Batch has been clicked. All successful lodged batches will be appear in this tab.

Once lodged the Batch can only be viewed and not edited. If changes need to be made to a lodged batch, you can return the SuperStream batch back to a draft state by clicking the 'Make Draft' button.

Updated settings for Liability Account for PAYG
Reckon One Payroll now allows you to track PAYG amounts into a nominated liability account. A new dropdown list called "Liability account for withholding amounts" within the Payroll settings has been added.

Previously, the “supplier for withholding amounts” was the only
way PAYG could be tracked. This field was mandatory and you were forced to
enter a supplier. The PAYG amounts would be linked to an account called
“Accounts Payable”. The Journal would display a line for PAYG with Accounts
Payable and the nominated supplier name from the Payroll settings under the
contact column of the PAYG line.

This functionality still remains, if you choose a supplier contact in “supplier for withholding amounts”, and no selection in the liability account for withholding amounts, when the pay run is finished, the created journal will display the PAYG line as above. If you choose an account in “liability account for withholding amounts” and no selection in supplier for withholding amounts  when the pay run is finished, the created journal will display the PAYG line as below.

If you choose an account in “liability account for withholding amounts” and select supplier contact in “supplier for withholding amounts”, when the pay run is finished, the created journal will display the PAYG line as Liability account.

As mentioned previously the Supplier for withholding amounts is no longer a mandatory field, but at the same time at least of the fields needs to be selected. If both the Supplier for withholding amounts and Liability account for withholding amounts is blank then the following error will appear.

Payroll Transactions Summary Report
An additional report has been added to the Payroll section in the report centre. The new report is titled “Payroll transaction summary”. This report will display the amounts linked to accounting categories. To access the report go to Reporting menu and choose report centre. Click the payroll tab and click the Generate button on the Payroll Transaction report.

The report has the ability to:
  • Display based on Reporting periods – This month, This quarter, This financial year, This financial year to date, Last month, Last quarter, Last financial year, Last financial year to date, Last 3 months, last 6 months, last 12months, All Dates and selected dates.
  • Display based on Pay runs – Choose either a single pay run or multiple pay runs based on the reporting period’s selection. Export to PDF, XLXS, RTF or CSV 

  • The report can be saved to Favorites - by clicking on the heart icon from the Payroll Report Centre section.

Update Default Pay items
A brand new Book will have 18 default pay items.

13 of which are located in Pay items tab

And the remaining 5 in the Leave Items tab

Updated Leave accumulation transactions
Leave with an accumulation period of per annum, will now accrue when the Leave start date (specified on the employee’s Leave page) is within the pay run period, and then on the subsequent anniversaries. Previously it didn’t accrue until the first anniversary of the Leave start date. For example, the employee has a leave item for ‘Sick Leave with an annual entitlement of 40 per annum and a Leave start date of 10 May 2015.

This accrues when the employee is added to a pay run with a pay run period that includes the Leave start date of 10 May 2015.

Remove Start and End date from Pay Items when copied from a previous Pay Run
When a pay run is copied from previous pay run, the start and end date values are not copied.

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Rav, Community Manager

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Posted 4 years ago

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Ernie Aussieboy Ber

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Sounds great, I have payroll enabled, but there is no superstream item there ??
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Rav, Community Manager

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Hi Ernie, I've just popped a reply on your other thread.

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NICE but when will the customisable Invoices option come up on your completed enhancements list?? 
Surely this must be a priority to ensure customer satisfaction for your product.
Being able to do stuff like insert user-defined input fields in the invoice which can be completed to produce different Amount-column items depending on the circumstances of the transaction (to give the most meaningful invoice being read by OUR customers who crave satisfaction from us)  is possible in Reckon Accounts and should surely be available in Reckon One if it is to claim fame for being the most user-friendly cloud platform.
Will you please declare that customisable invoices are in development and give an expected release date?
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Rav, Community Manager

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Appreciate the feedback Brian,

It's most certainly on the development roadmap for Reckon One. In regard to a timeframe of release, at this stage I'm not sure however I'll get in touch with our Reckon One team and seek an update.

Will keep you posted.

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Its been on the road map for 2 years Rav! Time to lock in something a bit more solid. We have threads 2 years old asking for this, each with basically the answer you have given here many times over.

It is the number one killer feature people are asking for!!
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Thanks Rav

Look forward to early news. 

When you consider that an invoice is the the most significant item in Reckon (or any accounting program) that links us with our customers (THE FOLK WE RELY ON TO PAY US MONEY) it is really very important that we have as much control as possible over the correctness and effectiveness of that link.  The format of the invoice is a fundamental element of communication between the business (Reckon User) and the customer (the revenue source of the business).

As an aside and on a different (but related) issue, I am horrified and disgusted at the way in which I receive invoices from some suppliers (XERO users in particular) by email.  In comes an email with absolutely no identity and tersely telling me "here is my invoice" (some are not even that explicit).  It does not tell me the name of the supplier, it noes not even indicate this is something generated from XERO, or whatever, and invariably the attached file has no meaningful descriptor in the file name.

The overwhelming impulse is to delete it as a possible virus threat.  Should I allow staff to open the attachment?  How much of our time is spent following procedures to ensure the safety of the email and its attachment before opening it?

The online accounting program that overcomes this and forces a meaningful message to accompany the attachment will get my vote; my stamp of approval!!!

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Rav, Community Manager

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Apologies for the delay in getting back to you, the word I've received from the Reckon One product team is that the next phase invoice customisation including the points you've raised has most certainly been recognized as something our user base is looking for, and as mentioned before is most certainly on the roadmap.

A very tentative timeframe at this point is Q4 however delivery and release are not confirmed at this point so can be subject to change at this stage.