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Apologies if this has been covered before but I’ve just upgraded to 2018 Reckon Accounts Plus and I expected to be able to overcome a problem that I’ve had with older versions.
The lady at Tech Support couldn’t help me but didn’t sound experienced either.
When I Import a Bank Statement there is a list of “Does not recognise payee” transactions.
This list has always included my nightly bulk deposit from the bank which has payee as say “POS XXXXXXXX 2 FEB”.
The first part is constant but Quicken has never recognised these because the date at the end changes every day .
I did try “Save Rule” in the new version but this created JNL entries in my Register with the $ figure in both the payment and deposit columns . This is way beyond my limited accounting understanding so I deleted all those and am back to square one. - which is the tedious option of manually entering these indiviual daily transactions onto the register.
Any advice on a simple way to get Reckon to recognise PART of a recurrent payee name?
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Hi Hal
I need a little more info, the nightly bulk deposit, is it only eftpos & ccard? Does it go straight into a sales account?  You said POS, is this for eftpos or do you have a POS (point of sale) system. 

Is the "POS XXXXXXXX" part constant with only the date changing, if it is then a rule should work if you exclude the date from the rule. You have choices with a rule Payee Is:  Anything, exactly, all of these words, any words, contains.
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The nightly bulk deposit amount is the total of all the credit card and eftpos transactions that go through our CBA Albert device which the bank calls an “ Eftpos tablet”.
I do not believe it is a “point of sale system” but I could be wrong.
I have tried the Add Rule idea working through as follows
1 “Rule name” > given
2. “Rule applies to” > deposit
3. “If the following conditions are met > anything, anything, anything
4. “Then do the following” > the support lady said to choose “Create a deposit Journal “ but, as explained earlier, this then puts the $ figure into the register in both the Payment and Deposit columns ... which I neither understand nor want.
I’ve tried “Receive payments” but then it wants a “ Customer” ..??
I tried “create a transfer” but then it wants a “from account”.
The only other option provided is “ignore transaction”
Of course I can just keep adding these manually with “Add one to Register” but I figured that a sophisticated program like this should be able to get these recurrent transactions into the “ Add multiple” group.