Reconcile Date - back dated 3 months on all accounts

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I have just gone to reconcile January 2018 only to find that my previous reconcile date is now showing that my last reconcile was on the 31.10.17. I have been on the phone to reckon all week who are now telling me that the backups are showing same and that i will have to redo everything from 01.11.17 - 31.01.18. I have spent so much time on the phone im now hoping someone has had similar issue, i find it hard to believe that this is the only solution?
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Posted 2 years ago

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Hi Carly

You don't need to redo everything, only the Bank Reconciliations.  If you've already successfully reconciled the bank account previously, you know that all the transactions have been entered/are correct so - if you also keep an eye on your undeposited/uncleared transactions too - you should be able to do this via what I call the "shortcut" method:

  • Open your Begin Reconciliation window & check/select the applicable account to reconcile
  • Enter the "Statement Date" (This should always be the Statement's END date)  I find it best to reconcile as per the bank's actual statements to ensure matching DR, CR & balance totals
  • CHECK the "Beginning Balance" - This should always be the CLOSING Balance of your last Bank Statement/Reconciliation
  • Enter the "Ending Balance" as per your current/relevant Bank Statement & click on Continue
  • In your Reconciliation window, you'll see a checkbox to the upper RHS for "Hide transactions after the statement's end date"  This removes later, irrelevant transactions from the display & is much easier to work with.  Tick this checkbox.
  • Below the Cheques & Payments window, select "Mark All"  & then "Reconcile Now" (As previously referenced, this assumes you do not have a heap of old uncleared transactions sitting in your lists!  Although - even if that's the case - this should still make it easier to identify them)
  • Check the Difference = $ 0.00, then click on "Reconcile Now"

Repeat the above steps per Bank Statement until current.  This should ideally not take very long at all.

Hope that helps :) 

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Unfortunately It seems that there is no transactions etc for these 3 months.  I have been on the phone with reckon for approximately 9 hours this week trying to get a solution/answer are now telling me that I must of been working in the wrong file - impossible! and or the information has been deleted but this would show up (nothing showing up as being deleted) 

I literally ( under a minute) finished reconciling one bank account, printed it out went to the next account and all the accounts were at 31.10.17 except the one i just did? BAM apparently everything is missing?  Now trying to tell these people this is impossible - they do not listen to busy telling me that the above 2 actions are the only way this could happen?  The guy I got yesterday kept telling me that this is the first time that he has heard of this happening and that its highly unlikely, followed by my response "well there is a first for everything"

Next solution use the latest backup!  Great Idea then that leaves only January missing which is great as our office was closed until the 15 Jan 18.  BUT NO  seems the backup also (from December)  only has records for 31.10.18.  Now the problem here is their solution is to re enter everything and then take a BACKUP!  hmm not a great solution when not only is everything missing for 3 months the backup is useless also.

Reckon have told me that they can not help any further....................

Wow ... that is certainly the first time I've heard of that happening!

  • Do you have transactions in your RA Company File dated after 31/10/17?  (You can do a search via "Find" for this.  Just select the Date Filter & enter "31/10/2017" as the From date & "T" (for "Today") as the To date, then click on "Find") 

If you have no transactions in your file beyond 31/10/17, this might indicate some sort of corruption, although to that extent, is very baffling, so just a few other points to check .... 

  • Is the ending balance on your RA bank rec reflecting correctly as it was at 31/10/17?  If not, that would indicate you just entered the wrong statement end date
  • Have a look in "Locate Discrepancies" (in the "Begin Reconciliation" window) at the "Discrepancy Report".  Not sure what RA version you're running but if you're able to, also check the "Previous Reports" list.  This will show the previous RA bank rec end dates & allow you to open the summary &/or detail reports from those recs
  • I'm sure Reckon would have already got you to do this but run a "Verify" on & "Rebuild" the Company File 3 times to detect & fix any backend data corruption
  • Lastly, I know you said the issue happened within one session, but just do a search on your PC for ".qbw".  This will show you all of the RA Company Files on your computer.  If the program froze/crashed at any point & you had to re-open it, you may have unknowingly opened an older Company File to continue