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This is just WRONG.  Did anyone bother to Beta test this new facility?

I did manage to get in via Safari for all of 3 minutes before my screen froze, so I tried Google Chrome.

I got in on the second attempt, and was having a good run for 5 minutes and the enter button was taking me backwards instead of forwards.  Saw some people have this issue, so I tried the shift button and got another good 5 or so minutes before it did it again, and again.  By the 10th time it had had a complete meltdown with delete (backspace) now giving me brackets, neither enter or tab would move between fields, and no amount of button pressing helped. 

Back to the forum we go. I flicked back to my accounts, bashed to keyboard in frustration and finally got enter to work between fields.

With some more shift button pressing I did manage to get a few things done before I had to switch Tabs and do some online banking - a good 15 - 20 minutes later I went back to the accounts program, started entering data and BOOM! I get kicked out and back to the log in page.

Try and log in again and for the last 10 minutes it's been establishing a connection....


All users of Reckon hosted should be COMPENSATED for the loss of time we have had consumed by YOUR FAILURE TO ENSURE THIS SYSTEM WORKED.
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Posted 6 years ago

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Jason Caruana

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I second this request
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Margaret Haines, Reckon Partner, Accredited Partner

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I have a very frustrated user threatening not to go to work until we can guarantee its resolved.  She can't login.
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Agreed! You expect a few issues with upgrades etc but this is beyond ridiculous. What happens for all those who need to process payroll, PAYG statements and do general daily accounts work and have no access. EVERYONE using this program is using it to run their business! An update to customers should be the least you could do, so we can know and understand what is going on!
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Perhaps if all users filed a claim for compensation Reckon may finally realise just how frustrated and annoyed their customers are.... but I doubt it from over 10 years of dealing with them my experience tells me they just don't care.
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Seriously WTF

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Judith Edwards

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I agree....compensation for the hours lost.....i can't count the loss since being on line. I should have stuck with Desk Top...
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Jason Caruana

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Frank M

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Look at the Money bag next to the words $450 per user per year


 - it explains a lot about their business model - RIP THE CUSTOMER OFF!

In October 2012 I paid $310 per user and now it is $450 per user!

Still cant get in!

Its been 2 days now!!!

I have 4 Employees who cannot do quotes, invoices, or any other work on your BROKEN SYSTEM!

YES! WRECK-ON are going to charge me more for this USELESS UPGRADE!





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Judith Edwards

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Yes, my sentiments. How can we run a business if we can't send invoices and the like. No monies in....Go Broke....do they care. Next stop...Desk Top the old way. More efficient.
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Joanne Sedgman

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Clearly I am going to be the looser here as I cannot charge my clients for down time. They are very understanding but that is not going to pay my bills.
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Judith Edwards

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Ditto !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
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Johan Gouws

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Reckon gets the prize for worst customer service ever!!
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My company has one of the largest data files using Reckon. We have had issues from day one of changing over to the online version, and were told that they tested our data file on this new system prior to the upgrade being released and it worked much faster on the new system. If we could all manage to log on, then maybe it would be faster and help the efficiency of the business, but we are yet to see any results. We have 20 users and have been with Reckon for almost 15 years and are now looking at options to change to a different company.

It is sad that loyal customers can lose so much time and productivity and no one seems to have an answer or care.

It is not good enough!

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Don't you just love the RHS blurb on the reckon hosted log in page?


Faster than ever before

We have invested significant resources to ensure that Hosted is faster than ever.

Confidence and security

Reckon is an ASX listed company that has sold products for twenty years with world-class security & support.

Like many of you I have been a loyal long term customer.  

I have always paid premium for support. I hardly had any issues accessing my accounts through Citrix.

Why is it that the last couple of months has required using this support, and more-over - Where is it now?? 

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Same here, I cant get anything done and Im not in tomorrow so im going to be multiple days behind THANKS RECKON!!!

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Jane Brewster

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Perhaps if Reckon had spent less $$$ on creating videos and spamming us with emails pimping their super fast and efficient new product and more on the techos in the basement turning the cogs we just might have an up and running accounting system!
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Gary Price

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Not too worried about compensation.  I just want the entire implementation sacked.  This has NEVER been tested in a real world environment.

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