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I am on Reckon Hosted, I send invoices & statements via email, how can I bring up a list of SENT emails (like I would be able to in Windows Live Mail where I have an inbox, sent items, junk mail, deleted items etc..)
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Posted 5 years ago

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Shannon Sciuto

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Hi Trish - you've spotted one of the top complaints about Reckon Hosted.  I recommend working around it by setting up the email in preferences to CC/BCC you.  You can setup a filter in your email to redirect all of those emails to a folder so they don't flood your account but you have a record of the emails being sent. 

I hope this helps!! 
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Simon Smith

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how do you set up email in preferences to cc/bcc you?
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Shannon Sciuto

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Edit > Preferences > Send Forms > Company tab > put your email in the BCC field. 

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A Balancing Act, Accredited Partner

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That is fantastic!  I've been working with this product for years (mostly as a partner too!) and haven't ever noticed that option before.  Thanks for sharing it Shannon.
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Rav, Community Manager

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Hi Trish,

Viewing a list of sent emails isn't available at this stage. This functionality is something we're aware that our users are needing and our developers are working on this for inclusion in the future.

A option is to CC/BCC yourself on outbound emails so that you have a record of sent emails.

Another option, although more complicated, is to view the QBMailClient.log file from your Q Drive in Notepad. This will only show a log however and not go into too much detail.

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Hi Rav,

Can you tell me what email address emails sent out of the hosted version come from?  i.e. is it our address, or one of yours?  Also, if an email bounces back does that ever show up in the log file?  How far off is this future inclusion in the software?


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Shannon Sciuto

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It's one of theirs and no bounce back emails :( not a long term solution but you could try sending them to yourself and forwarding them on to your clients? Obviously more work but more professional and reliable until the new solution comes out. Don't hold your breath on the update, reckon don't have a great reputation when it comes to product development :(
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Jason Hollis, Head of Product

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Hi Mereki,

The team are working on a new email option for the next release in early 2016. (we normally release the major update to partners in March and to the public in April / May) with another email send method planned following that.

Contrary to Shannon's post, we have released multiple updates for the hosted environment over the last 18 months, although these have been mostly back end and hence I can understand the perception.  ** We have over 30 different core products in the marketplace, so to say we don't develop is not quite accurate and not being viewed in terms of our entire product suite. We certainly develop more products than just Reckon Accounts.

However, the core product of Reckon Accounts itself is at a point where it is definitely mature and hence you won't see the kind of dev cycle of a newer product like Reckon One (2 years old vs 21 years old) or Sync Direct. In saying that the team have made quite a few tweaks for the 2016 release that have been guided by our accredited partner network.

Some of the new updates include increasing the functionality and workflow of the automated bank rules engine, superstream improvements (also more to come on that), API (third-party product integrations), and report enhancements.

Hopefully that assists in clarifying the email issue as well as our position on future development.

Kind regards,
Jason Hollis
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Sonya Herbert

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Just seeing when this Email Option is getting released? now that the end of May 2016 is upon us?
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Jason Hollis, Head of Product

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Hi Sonya,

We have released multiple send methods for desktop 2016.

Hosted will be a single tax release in June, however the team have decided to build a comprehensive online email solution into Hosted more in keeping with cloud technologies.

This is tentatively scheduled for release at the end of the calendar year.

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Ian Reeders

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G'day Jason,
Given it is now 3 years or over that this issue has been running, I think the comment from Shannon Sciuto is fair and accurate. We need less waffle and more action from Reckon. There are plenty of other online accounting programs out there. I am not even going to ask when as the answer will be unreliable. I am just going to say, get it done asap before I go elsewhere!
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Jason Hollis, Head of Product

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Hi Ian. Apologies for the delayed response as I was on leave last month when you posted this message. 

The first issue I should address is "Where is this solution I mentioned?" Unfortunately (for me) when I responded to this thread 2 years ago I was not in a product role at Reckon, so was passing on what I had been advised by the product team at the time. 

Obviously this tool was never released, most likely due to technical issues. That said, Hosted does now have a Mail Client log that can be used to troubleshoot missing emails.

Fast forward 2 years and I am now in a role at Reckon where I do have influence in what we build.

With that in mind, recently we kicked off a POC (proof of concept) for a better solution. It's my opinion that a simple list addresses one aspect, however it doesn't really aid efficiency or provide email flexibility. 

Therefore the POC is looking at how we can interact (and connect) with external mail applications.

Please keep in mind this is a POC and we are still working through the technicals > of which there are many. If it is achievable we will most likely know by years end, and then be at a point where we can determine the user experience aspects ie. will it be a great experience or not, and does it address the issues that we have tracked from users. 

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Just wondering if this has been fixed yet?  Also, Jason, are you able to tell me how to access the Mail Client log you have mentioned above?

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Neil, Employee

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Hi Diane,

To access your mail logs, you need to click the download icon on the Hosted Menu bar.

Navigate to the the Log folder on your Q drive and you will see a separate file for each day called QBMailCLient_YYYYMMDD.log.

Select and download the log file(s) as needed and you will be able to open them from your local PC.

We're currently investigating how we can improve this by displaying the data out of these mail logs in a user friendly, easy to read format.

As mentioned by a couple of users in this thread, setting up an internal email address in the BCC field under Edit > Preferences > Send Forms > Company Preferences  is another way to track emails that have been sent.


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Thanks Neil, that's a great help.  

If your developers need any feedback on the mail log, the only issue I have is that everything is showing as "sending..." and it would be nice to see "sent"!  (I know they were sent - and opened - because the ones I looked at were reports I had actually emailed to myself) :-)
Not sure of the specifics on the technical side but in my experience, Users who specifically utilise Outlook for their email (rather than webmail such as google, yahoo, hotmail etc) DO have their "Sent" emails displaying in their Outlook "Sent" folder ...!

I have multiple current scenarios (myself & clients) - on both desktop AND Hosted - that do have these "Sent" emails - none of whom bcc/cc their own email address into their RA/RAH email template either - so it seems there is an automatic record but only if using Outlook. 

Shaz Hughes Dip(Fin) ACQ NSW, MICB

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