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Recon Accounts 2015 on Win 7

How do I show tax componet on invoice for group items?  I sell herbs and spices. The product inside the jar is gst free but the jar and lid have gst. Can I show the tax total on each line for each group  product without having to show the jar and lid as part of the product description on the  invoice. Clear as mud   ;-) 

I want it to show say Lemon Pepper  and in the gst column the tax for the jar and lid.

The only way I can see to do this print the whole group listing for Lemon pepper which shows the lemon pepper cost  the jar cost and the lid cost.

Hope someone knows what I am talking about

Thanks in advance
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Posted 5 years ago

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1.  I'm assuming you are using an ITEM of type:  GROUP which contains the three elements of 'lemon', lid' and 'jar'.   In the formation of adding those three specific items into the group item called:  "Lemon Pepper",   (in the Inventory screens),  you can select GST or FRE for each item of the GROUP)

2.  When you create an INVOICE,  and sel a quantity of the GROUP,  it will display the breakdown on the invoice screen showing the three items that make up that GROUP item (subsequently extended by the quantity of the GROUP being sold),  and will show you those items separately with their GST or FRE calculations. 

3.  But what is nice,  is when you do a print (even a print preview to experiment),  you'll see that the proper mix of GST and FRE has been taken into overall consideration (ie: your Lemon aspect will be FRE, the rest GST),  but only the GROUP heading item  "Lemon Pepper" will be seen on the ultimate invoice.

The trick I suggest is to ensure you have set up the "FRE" setting back at step (1) for the "Lemon" component.

That's the mechanics of how to solve your problem.  but seek advice from your Accountant about the handling of what items are in fact FRE versus GST, and also whether you are permitted to treat the ultimate retail sale as having some aspect as FRE like that.

There are retailing/selling situations that require the whole end product to be subjected to GST on the 'lot' when packaged/sold as a combined item.   I recall say, delicatessens being permitting to sell a single piece of cheese as FRE,  but if two pieces of cheese were combined on a platter, then the trio would have to be sold with GST on top of the lot!  

Ah!  we're back to the cold chicken political agument, I know,  but please look into what situation you are in, for this accounting/taxation aspect.  My suggestions here are purely the mechanics of the using the Reckon software product to help you.


Gary Pope
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Thanks Gary. yea I can never get a straight answer on the GST thing. Some said no you dont need to add it ...others said only on items that you buy with GST ... so I am going with charge GST on everything anyway ...just to be safe.

Now the problem I am having is I have changed all 3 items to gst in the group but I still dont get a GST charge in the GST column for each item. It shows in the column  when doing the invoice (on screen) but it wont print out. I have checked its set to print. It also wont show when I do a print preview.

Guess thats more a Reckon problem than yours hehe.

Appreciate the input Gary and taking time to reply. Have a great weekend
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Hi dean

Check with the tax office, but I'm pretty certain that the entire sale is GST free, so there is no need to look at a group item.

The fact the you pay GST and can claim an input tax credit on some of the components is really quite irrelevant to whether GST is added on not to the end product.

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