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Single Touch Payroll (STP) is coming into effect from 1 July 2018. To help you be compliant, we have developed a new application called GovConnect STP that connects all four Reckon products to the ATO STP service. 

The application acts as a gateway to the ATO enabling you to submit your STP reporting directly to the ATO. You can also review payroll info, amend any errors before lodging, receive ATO messages and view all past submissions.

The STP update will be available next week with the 2018 tax tables.
Reckon One, Accounts Hosted, Reckon Accounts 2018 and Payroll Premier 2018/19 are STP enabled and there is no additional cost for this functionality.

  • GovConnect STP Webinar: A step-by-step demonstration of how to sign up for GovConnect STP and submit payroll data to the ATO.
    Monday, June 25, 2:00PM - 3:00PM AEST - REGISTER NOW
  • STP Resource Hub: We've created a STP Customer Hub to help current Reckon customers get ready for STP. Simply click on your product for specific help guides, how to create a GovConnect account and a list of frequently asked questions.

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Rav, Community Manager

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Posted 2 years ago

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Andrew Grim Graham

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Hi I get an error of 
  • Request was incorrectly formatted or was missing required items.
How do i fix
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Judy Smith

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Anyone seen this error message in Payroll Premier being up loaded to STP.

instance.EmployeeData[22].Detail.Email is not any of [subschema 0],[subschema 1], instance.EmployeeData[31].Detail.Email is not any of [subschema 0],[subschema 1]

employee no 22 does not exist - Employee no 31 is terminated.  If I count down to the 22nd employee and 31st employee I have checked emails and there is no added spaces.   In fact I have not been able to get one Payroll Premier file submitted successfully even though have checked and followed all requirements.  Thank you support I have tried a number of things you have suggested but to no avail.
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Rav, Community Manager

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Hi Judy,
Just to clarify, when you went through and checked these employees, were you counting them from the STP list or in Payroll Premier?
The message refers to the list of employees in the STP file itself.

Also, in regard to the number that you see in brackets in the message, it should be read as number+1 ie. in your case, the 23rd (22+1) and 32nd (31+1) employees in the STP list. Check those particular employees out and see if there is anything wrong there, including only ONE email address, valid email address, no invalid characters or leading/trailing spaces.
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Felicity Van

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If I want to add additional users to our account (so in case i'm away when a pay run occurs) do I set them up as a new user & add the company data or do I share my file?
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Rav, Community Manager

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Check out the info and sharing guide from this post for sharing your Single Touch Payroll entity with other users -

Single Touch Payroll (STP) sharing is now available!
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Hi, I have just setup our Accounts Hosted file for GovConnect STP and would like to lodge a payrun now to see if it's working ok?  My question, in the process STP window for my payrun I have selected, what am I choosing to lodge? 1. full file replacement, 2 Update Event or 3 Final Pay Event (cannot find definitions of these anywhere).
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Rav, Community Manager

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Hi oharding76,
Welcome to the world of Single Touch Payroll! 
If you're doing a regular STP pay event submission, then you do not need to select any of those options ie. don't tick of any of those options.

You'll find more detailed info on Single Touch Payroll and processes on our Help page HERE
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Nicky Wray

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The Reckon Portal has changed appearance slightly and now Reckon Gov Connect is towards the top of the left hand side of the screen where last week it was towards the bottom end of the screen - whatever has changed now Authy MFA doesn't work, the Portal keeps saying the code entered is invalid - what's happening????
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Tracey Willard

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Do we have to have one of the 4 products listed in Reckon to be able to use and access Reckon govConnect?  We are users of Reckon Elite only.
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Labour Hire

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 When we lodge a payrun with STP  you first get the status "Pending" then a while later you will see "Success" we have one that still shows "Pending" weeks later even though totals have been added correctly to subsequent Uploads  and now have one that says "Error" in status but still has added in - can you help with this please??
Photo of Nicky Wray

Nicky Wray

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I have one like that too from back in October. Nothing different from any other run but it was at a time when Reckon made some changes so I am leaving it alone
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Anyone with STP lodgements where the gross amounts don't match the payslip gross amounts?  PAYGW are correct.

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Mandy Ditton

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Hi Rav, we have gone through and set everything up, but when we try to upload the file we get the following error:

"Invalid Company Information provided.  Please check your ABN/WPN and Branch number match those set in Reckon GovConnect Single Touch Payroll for your company."

Any advice?  We seem to have everything correct.