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I am running Accounts Desktop. I lodged our final pay runs well before end of month. However I obviously didn't see that the second tick box has changed to say "update prev Submission OR finalise year'. I'm so used to just checking 'new file' instead. 

I didn't get any notifications about this, how to do this or anything so I just completely missed it.

SO how do I finalise the year? Do I just go back to the last pay run which has already been a 'Success' and resubmit? OR do I need to do something different now? 

I have checked all the payments, done a run of PAYG statements even though we no longer need to and paid the qtrly super so I am well and truly ready to close out the payroll for 18/19.

Thank you whoever can help.
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Posted 11 months ago

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Hi Rhodes

First you are not supposed to do final STP and upload payment summaries to the ato they get terribly confused poor things. :)

I am sure I will be corrected it wrong, re-lodge last pay as final.  ATO uses the YTD figures of the reporting, and each report replaces the YTD their end as they use the most recent report.  Even though you have lodged last weeks, re-lodge and make it final so they pick it up.

Hi KwikBooks,

I think you have misunderstood. I issued PAYG summaries for my employees and so I could check final figures. I haven't sent them to the ATO. 

Thank you. So I have actually lodged two separate pay runs on the last day I did pays for June and not every pay run has every employee. Will this matter? 

Should I just pick the pay run I did last on that day? 

Thank you
I cannot find this senario anywhere, I would finalise the last payrun this way the ATO should just use the ytd of all the employees not in the final run.
So I tried this - updating the last pay run of the day and I got this error. 

any ideas?
I haven't lodged anything extra or differently. Like I said I didn't even know to select the second of the two lodgement options because I honestly didn't read it and I didn't know finalisation was a thing until today. I haven't lodged anything with the ATO either other than just doing the normal payruns. 

Rang the ATO. See my EDIT comment below. I double checked it hadn't been finalised somehow which it hasn't. 
EDIT: After speaking with the ATO the finalisation is specific to EACH employee. So if an employee isn't in the run that you finalise the YTD WILL NOT be finalised for that missing employee. 

ATO suggestion is to create nil payslip for all employees not paid in the last payrun of June, create a lodgement file that has the employees that were paid as well as the nil payslips and submit as an update/finalisation for EOFY.

Reckon won't let me process nil payslips so I don't know how to fix this. 

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The error message you're receiving in your screenshot above comes up when there is a mismatch between the file types for the STP pay event export file in your Reckon accounting software ie. Reckon Accounts and the submission option selected in GovConnect.

If you're uploading your Final Pay Event (and has been created as such), ensure that you're selecting the option below -

Thanks Rav 

This doesn't solve the problem of having 2 final payruns, both with different employees.  ATO told her she has to submit all employees in one final pay or they can't finalise anyone who isn't in the last payrun.  They have told her to do a new run with zero pays.

Sounds out there, no all employees are in all  payruns or the final one as a lot are casual workers.
Thanks. I didn't know to check for other tick boxes. I never even look at that stuff. I thought final pay was for people ending employment and I've never had to update a file. Thanks all worked it and submitted. what a waste of a day. 


Yes all employees had to be included in the final run for them to be finalised. yes we pay casuals so I have people whose last pay was months ago. But didn't know about this finalisation thing back then so those people are paid in runs with people who have been paid since then so I couldn't just resubmit those old lodgments. 

I picked one of the two pay runs done on the last day and I added nil payslips.. creating a new lodgment file and lodged those all together. To create nil slips I just did $1 as a positive hour and $1 as a negative hour to bring it back to zero. the system recognised worked hours which is why it let me process it. 

for the one on its own I went back and resaved the lodgement as both an update and a final pay. I figured that was the only option and then I re-submitted as an updated/final file in the portal. 
the zero pay is definately do-able having to them is extreme, there would be so many with casuals not in a final pay week, the mind boggles.
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I hope my submission is OK as i did a final pay for all employees that were already included in STP.  Lodged with no problems and issued payment summary and endupe file for 2 employees that finished working prior to the use of STP.   So all employee records are with the ATO.  I sent the ATO a message stating this.   (I am in the under 19 employees so it wasn't mandatory to submit STP.  Hope this is accepted to ATO.

Hi Michelle

Just to confirm ... you haven't lodged a finalised EOFY STP submission AND lodged the EMPDUPE file for the same FY have you?  If so, this will create a duplication of those figures.  For this reason, the ATO specifically request one or the other for EOFY but not both .... 


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