sugarCRM/suiteCRM usage with Reckon Accounts - seeking collaboration

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We're a long time partner of Reckon since 1994,  and provide a variety of consulting/business integration/project management services to SMB.  We are also a keen developer and user of sugarCRM and its new fork:  suiteCRM.   We're asking for like-minded Reckon Partners who have experience interest or desire to see CRM, and Accounting integration services exist in the Reckon market here in Australia.    We can be contacted at   Gary Pope. (The Basin, VIC)
Photo of Gary Pope, Accredited Consultant (Acct & IT), Alchester Business Systems.

Posted 5 years ago

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This question has been researched in conjunction with:
with fellow AP: Chandra Wasan.

Thanks to others who contacted me offline.

Gary Pope
An Accredited Partner- Consultant  (VIC. Aust)

"Working with Accountants/Bookkeepers PPs/APs, as an
      independent IT Professional
 and retired FCPA Accountant"