Update on Accounts Hosted issues - 11 August 2014

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Welcome to the new version of Reckon Accounts Hosted.  

You will experience a new way of logging on and in some functions that interact with your local computer.

A couple of hints for  logging on:
  1. Delete your existing Bookmarks, Favourites and Shortcuts 
  2. Enter Hosted from the Reckon main site:  www.reckon.com.au.  Click on Login and select Hosted.  You can create new Bookmarks, Favourites and Shortucts.  
Internet Explorer 10+ users, activated Compatibility View Settings to access the original version of Reckon Accounts Hosted.  The new version does not work efficiently with that setting.  You can turn it off by:
  1. Tools > Compatibility View Settings
  2. in the box: "Websites you've added to Comptatibility View", highlight: reckononline.com.auand click Remove
  3. ensure that 'Display all websites in Compatibility View' is unticked
  4. click Close
See The New Version of Accounts Hosted Category here on the Community for more information on changes and other guides in the new version - search for the keyword video.

Enjoy the new experience.
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Posted 6 years ago

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The new version Accounts Hosted opening an old version of your company file 

Some users are finding that the new version of Reckon Accounts Hosted is opening an old file.  This may happen under some circumstances and is not affecting everyone.

Reckon apologises for the inconvenience this is causing.  

You will know that the last company file opened is not being found if you were asked to upgrade a file that you have already used in the 2014 R3 version.    You should do the following:

Examine all Folders and Shared Shortcuts in your Q-drive for files.  When you find your company file, take note of the date alongside - the date last saved.  If it is not the latest date of access, keep looking until you find the company file with the correct latest date accessed.  

If you cannot find your latest accessed company file then contact Technical Support immediately.
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Contact Centre Wait times 

Please note we are currently experiencing longer than usual wait times in our contact centre as a result of the release of the new Reckon Accounts Hosted. Additional staff are being made available to assist with enquiries coming through our contact centre and via the community as a matter of priority.

If you are using the Reckon Accounts Hosted we urge you to take a look at this web page to see videos and read the new user guide here http://info.reckon.com.au/newaccountshosted-welcome.

I also encourage you to search the Reckon Community for answers.

We apologise for the delay in getting back to you and know that this is important. We appreciate your patience.

Regards, Alex.

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Black Screen when launching Accounts 2014 in the new Accounts Hosted 

Hi Everyone,

Some users are encountering a black screen when launching Reckon Accounts Hosted. Please note that this is an unexpected system issue that our team is working on as a matter of priority. We expect to have a permanent fix for this very soon and will keep you updated.

 f you do experience the black screen issue try closing the browser window and opening it again as this has worked for some users.

If you subsequently get another error such as "cannot connect to host", or 'connection lost", then we suggest you log out of the Dashboard and close your browser before attempting again. 


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Hi Everyone,

Some users are still experiencing login issues this morning.  

Our IT is still working on restoring normal access.  

If you experience problems logging on, please review our notes in the posts above and try again in a few minutes.  
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If you have been affected by login issues related to Reckon Accounts Hosted today, I wanted to pass on that our IT team is still working through this. They have confirmed that they have made some changes that are helping users but are still working through this as a priority. 

Also, while we are currently experiencing high wait times on our queues, you can post questions for our team to look at on the Reckon Community or email us at customerservice@reckon.com 

We are committed to working through any issues with customers and continuing to respond to each customer. 

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience.


Alex Alexandrou

Contact Centre Manager
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Message from the CEO - Reckon Accounts Hosted

Over the weekend we rolled out a new version of Reckon Accounts Hosted service. We had expected through careful planning that the transition to the updated service would have little impact on customers. However, over the last two days through community posts and calls through our contact centre I am aware that many of you have experienced issues with the service.

I want to personally apologise for any difficulties you may have had accessing and/or using the service since the change, and any problems you may have had contacting our support team. 

Whilst many users have been able to gain access to the program, there are a number of users being impacted by a specific system issue that results in their program failing to connect. In some instances users can connect by trying again, but not always. We are looking at this as a matter of priority by putting everything behind getting the system working as it should as soon as possible. As soon as this is resolved an update will be posted on the Reckon

For any customers experiencing other issues with the new service we’re working through these on a case-by-case basis, and the team will continue to do this by responding to as many users as possible, as quickly as possible. To expedite this process we’ve expanded our contact centre team and please note that our support team will be available until 7pm (AEST) today. 

Making these changes to the Reckon Accounts Hosted service is something we’ve carefully planned and considered over the last year. Once we work through any and all issues users are experiencing through this upgrade process, I am confident that your user experience will be far better. You can see the full list of changes, as well as a list of FAQs and helpful videos, here.

Please be assured that we value the feedback and will continue to take account of customers’ opinions as the business and products evolve.

If you are continuing to experience problems or have further feedback please don’t hesitate to contact us via the community or via email to customerservice@reckon.com

Kind regards,

Clive Rabie

Group CEO - Reckon Limited 

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Tips for logging onto Hosted today

Hi Everyone,

Reports of Customer Experience with logging onto Hosted has vastly improved today, but you may still experience some delays in getting logged on.  

How much delay depends upon your internet connection speed and browser.  Results are better with Chrome & Safari, then Firefox then Internet Explorer.  

First time connection for the new Hosted will take longer as a new client is being downloaded in the background.

Here's what to expect.
  • Logging onto the Hosted Dashboard is not experiencing any problems.
  • Launch Accounts 2014
  • You'll get a White Screen for a while
  • Then you'll get a Black Screen for a while (can be up to 5 minutes)
  • Then you'll get the connecting message 
  • Accounts 2014 will launch.

The times between each step will vary and you run the risk of 'timing out', or you may get a failure to connect message.  If that happens then do the following:
  • Close the screen and return to the Hosted Dashboard
  • Click on Control Panel
  • Click on Log Off Remote Sessions
  • Click on Log Off User
  • Return to the Dashboard and launch Accounts 2014 again.  

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Reckon Accounts Hosted Update - Important Service Annoucement

As a result of the weekend upgrade of the Reckon Accounts Hosted service a number of users have reported that they are still experiencing difficulties. 

We apologise for any ongoing issues you may be having. Our team is continuing to monitor the service, fix issues as they are identified and make improvements throughout the day.

Connecting to the Service

Overnight our team has taken significant steps to rectify the connection issues many users have been reporting. While today this issue has been resolved it may still take you several minutes to load Reckon Accounts Hosted, please be patient as the system connects. This will improve throughout today as our team make further changes to the service, including adding greater 

Locating Data Files

Some users have also been reporting difficulties locating their data files.

Please note that no data files and back-ups are lost.

Through the change to the new Reckon Accounts Hosted service some files are not appearing where users expect and in some cases they are no longer visible to the admin user. If your company file is not showing in the No Company Open window, we suggest that you take these steps to manually locate your data file:
  • Go to the File menu and select Open or Restore a Company file. The Open Company:Type window opens.
  • Select Open a company file (.QBW).
  • From the Look In drop-down, select My Live (Q:\) drive. Your QBW file will be in this folder. If you have a shared file, the shared folder will also be in this folder as a shortcut. You will now be able to open your file from here. You will need to click on the file shared shortcut (you may have a few of those). If you cannot find your file in the first list of shortcuts, proceed to the remaining shortcuts until you locate your desired file.
  • Select your file and click on open.
If after following these steps you are unable to locate your data file you will need the assistance of our support team on 1300 799 150.

Support Availability

We apologise if lengthy delays reaching our support team have affected you over the last few days. We've expanded our team again today and will remain open until 8pm (AEST).

I want to assure that we are committed to resolving the issues some users are continuing to experience with the new Reckon Accounts Hosted service as quickly as possible, and to provide helpful assistance during this change. Throughout the day, and ongoing, we will continue to post support notes for commonly asked questions and updates on the Reckon Community..

Kind regards, 

Pete Sanders
Managing Director - Business Group 

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