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I am running Quick Books 7.4, i would like to upgrade through 2000 trial then 07/08 trial then to 09/10 I have the upgrade discs, problem I have is that when i try to restore my 7.4 back up from 2000 trial to 07/08 trial as I have over 500 transactions, I cant do this and cant go any further, could anyone help how I get around this or what I am doing wrong....Thank you
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Posted 3 years ago

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Possibly you are trying a RESTORE procedure which I feel is wrong.
Refer to the release notes from the RECKON website to ensure you are passing THROUGH each of the necessary levels (versions/years) to arrive at the end result.  But to do that you don't do a RESTORE operation.  You simply open the live file (the QBW file)  in the next progressive version.  The <NEXT> version will detect that the data file (the .QBW) needs to be backed up, and UPDATED to the version that you are running at the time.  (ie: whatever the <NEXT> version is.

Given the number of years you need to pass thru, there were some critical milestones that need to be processed.  But you don't do any restoring at all,  You just open the normal QBW file and let the <NEXT> version (of the program)  improve the quality/content of the QBW file, so that it becomes compatible with that <NEXT> version.

Then  you repeat the process, by running the program of <THENEXT>  version,  and allowing that program to UPDATE the content of the normal, live QBW file again...... and so forth, until you rach the desired latest version of the PROGRAM.

True,  you'll be forced to make BACKUPS as part of the above journey, but they are there to allow you to go back one step if something horrible goes wrong like a power failure of running out of disk space and so forth.

TIP:  Be sure to stash away your full set of original QBW file(s)  in some personal/obscure folder called:  "MyBACKUP_OF_xxxxx_as_at_version_X.XX"  or something that you are comfortable with, that represents where you started.

Then you have a fallback position to play with all this again.

I repeat:  The backups that are made through the journey are purely fallback positions.  You don't use them at all , to progress FORWARD in converting the LIVE QBW files all the way through to the end result (at a more recent version you want to run).


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Thank you Gary, I am sure I did click to restore, I have now uninstalled the 2002 trial to start again, Ive backed up my 7.4 im by no means an IT expert maybe a bit more than a novice but should be able to do this, but I am really worried that I end up losing all our data in The 7.4 version and cant get it back because now when I am installing the 2002 trial now I get the message I am about to install the trial version over a complete version and if I do this I will need to re install the complete version again.....eeek! Maybe I should just stick with the 7.4
Give me a call on this tomorrow night or Sunday and let's see what you're up to.  I'm on 0408994799.  I can call back on a free call in Australia.   Gary (The Basin. VIC)