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Hi all, that time of year again I am about to start my EOFY for 2015 and I am also considering upgrading my laptop to Windows 10. When I launch accounts hosted I do so through the Launch Accounts 2015 R2 button. I am currently using Windows 7. Has anyone had any compatibility issues with Windows 10 and Accounts Hosted 2015 R2 ? Basically I need to know is it safe to upgrade to Win 10 or should I wait until after I have completed EOFY. Thanks Dan
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Posted 4 years ago

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Hi Dan.  In my opinion the short answer is wait.  If you do a search of this community area regarding issues with Windows 10, you will find reams and reams of communications regarding issues, workarounds, solutions and just about anything in between.  In reality it makes no difference as to when you change over in relation to EOFY.  The main reason that I would say to wait is that the 2016 version of accounts is set to issue around March at which time it is hoped that all of the problems that we have experienced with Windows 10 will be a thing of the past.  To me it does not make sense to change over now, experience the likelihood of a range of time consuming issues, when you can wait another couple of months and have a joyous experience.
John L G

I agree with John.  There are no prizes for moving to WIn10.   Bear in mind the ENVIRONMENT (hardware, software, communications and all your desired software).  Everything needs to be compatible, or you need to compromise.   Simply put,  Microsoft have no vested interest in talking to the 10s of 1000's of software companies who try to run their software on Microsoft's platform (and other platforms like Android, which is Linux, or OSx or IOS for instance).   Whenever a new platform comes out, that platform needs to settle down and stabilise in the first place.     Let's recall history a little....

Hmmm:  Off the top of my head, let's see if I can recall some of the upgrades .....

1995:  WIn 95A
1996  95B
1997  95C
1998  Win 98A
1999  Win 98B
2000  Win ME  and Win NT2000
2002  Win XP Sp1
2003  Win XP SP2
2004  Win XP SP3
   ......    Vista   (ouch!)
   .......   WIn 7  SP1
.....        Win 8.0
   ........  Win 8.1
29/7/2015    Win 10.....
   ........   (next ??)

(some insight from someone 40 years in the industry.....)
I lived through all these (and lots prior....)   And that's before we consider that there were HOME as well as PROFESSIONAL editions,  not to mention the sheer number of knowledgebase  KB corrections that happen daily/weekly on this over the last 20+ years.... (1000's of them!).  Get a feel for the answer to that question bby doing this Google search, and you'll see my point here:


Unless these facts are laid out in horrible detail like this,  Users will fail to realise that there is a far more important decision to make. 


And then select the operating system that supports that business need, and finally, select the hardware that supports that operating system.

Think about it.  You don't decide how to carry the desired number of passengers and what trailers to tow,  by focussing on something like just the ENGINE available all the time.  (Another poor analogy,, I know!)  But hopefully this argument will get users to think about the consequences of messing with underlying FOUNDATION OPERATING SYSTEMS before considering the impact on the more important consideration: Application Software.

Check this recent article to see the impact of such poor decisions......

Take note of the point:  Who has to be compatible with who?   It in one-directional!

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Should have mentioned the forum topic that shows all those vital dates for selecting what environment (and relevent years) are backwards compatible.   See:  https://community.reckon.com/reckon/topics/system-environment-solutions-provided-by-reckon-community...

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Thanks all, based on this advice and also the advice of a systems tech who has also advised that we should also look to upgrade our network and data servers as well before we upgrade to Windows 10.  Same logic everything will sort of work, just not smoothly, so a lot of time will be spent doing work arounds.  This was from a systems tech who didn't take his own advice !
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I made the mistake of upgrading from windows 7 to windows 10, I soon realized that I could not send invoice via email, my reckon angel tried to fix the problems that I had but nothing worked in the end I reverted back to windows 7.