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Photo of stephen
Line flow printing salesorder / picklist
I use sales orders for picking of items. I sometimes, when scanning an item on the page, skip a line and get the quantity wrong.Is there ...
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Photo of li He
Submission error with STP
Hi I wonder if anyone could help me to fix the following issue? I’m using the Reckon STP App only three weeks ago. I have submitted two w...
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Photo of Sandy
Reckon STP
I downloaded the app, went through the process to link the software ID number with the AT0, then set up Employees etc. However I then we...
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Photo of Dianne
Last week I submitted my first STP and it came back with an error (just noticed today!).  I think I have corrected the ATO error (phone n...
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Photo of Jo Arnold
Overdue Stamp
Is there any way I can get rid of the big red overdue stamp altogether?  I've unticked it so it doesn't actually print but I don't even w...
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