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Photo of Shean
Login forces to re-register
Hi I tried to login to the free STP mobile app today (which seems to have a new blue icon). The app has been great for me up to now. Thi...
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Photo of Paul
Can't Log In To App
Hi the App Icon seems to have changed. Have been using for STP for months but now seems to be going in circles? Asks for ABN which I ente...
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Photo of Alex
Adjustment not recgnised by ATO
Hi team, I missed an employee’s payrun when i submit the STP in end of Feburary. But in the middle of March, I created a adjustment for...
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Photo of SiewTan
Account Data Loss
Upon logging in my STP app has lost all its data.Deleting the app did not solve the issue.ABN: 13 375 637 556
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