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Photo of Doo
Change GST Branch
Hi We have been setting up Reckon Gov Connects with clients and we find that one has the incorrect Branch number entered when setting up,...
  • Doo, 2 hours ago

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Photo of Maree Heap
STP app
I have just discovered I have the same issue, where STP was setup with a sole trader's company name and ABN and should have been a trust'...
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Photo of megan
Delete a STP profile
Hi Rav, I have made an extra profile in the STP reckon account and can't seem to delete it, I see where you have helped other previously.
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Photo of Carmel Clarke
ABA File help
RAH aba file is uploading fine to credit union but every single payment is showing as a separate payment on bank statement rather than a ...
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Photo of MJV
stp app issue
I cannot enter employee pay details into a pay run? it was fine for the last report cycle? how to fix, call centre says thy cannot help?????
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