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Photo of Sultan Sahin
Reckon App for IOS
I can’t seem to find the Reckon app on my IOS device to download. Where has it gone?? I still have it and use it to create/send invoices ...
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Photo of Lisa
TFN not valid
Hi, We have a client setting up the App and are trying to add an employee but it wont add the employee saying the TFN is invalid. The TF...
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Photo of Kali
TFN must be a valid TFN
Hi,I am getting the following error when trying to submit my STP file 'TFN must be a valid TFN' i assume it's because i have entered all ...
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Photo of alisha
bank feed-westpac bank
Hi, My client is using Reckon Accounts Plus 2020 and he wants to do bank feed with Westpec.  He confirmed that he is using Reckon downlo...
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Photo of Rachael mays
payrun saying error
Error - payrun message.  I have submitted the last 3 weeks payruns and I get a message saying Error - declined by ATO.  But when I rang t...
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Photo of Mark Brown
Skipped / missing invoice numbers
I'm using Reckon One.  Every now and then it seems like there is a tiny lag in the system while I'm invoicing. It appears to try to catch...
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