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Photo of Kyle Gray
Create STP
STP FILES - Hello all, I am having trouble creating a STP file for the payroll. I will need to upload them to the GOV website. I just swi...
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Photo of Heidi Caponi
STP mobile app - Bonus payment
Hi, our company has 2 x employees who both receive a twice yearly bonus of $500 - would we enter this as an extra pay roll as we would li...
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Photo of Stacey
STP submissions still in pending mode. I rang Reckon and they advised to contact ATO. ATO says its a Reckon problem! Help, what do i do? ...
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Photo of Marcus
Error in Validating STP file
Hi I am using Reckon one and start Payroll since July 2019. When I send my pay run events to Govt STP Connect following message  appear a...
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Photo of George Wood
STP Mobile App
My understanding is that STP is to start from 01/07/2019. Why does it want details of what we have paid our employees in 2018 together wi...
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