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Photo of Shirley Johnson
STP Mobile App
I have registered the Mobile App ID with the Australian Tax Office and have submitted reports since 1st July 2019, however each of them h...
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Photo of Leisha S
STP Termination Process
Employee terminated. Processed hours worked in pay week; processed 1 weeks pay in lieu of working; processed annual leave/termination pay...
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Photo of Bev Rose
STP Payroll Premier
When trying to upload my file for STP that was created in Payroll Premier through GovConnect  I keep getting an error saying that the pro...
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Photo of Nanna Brane
STP Submissionp
Hi. I keep getting this error message as I am trying to submit this weeks payrun: "Instance. Payroll event. Payroll require property "tot...
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Photo of Sharif Amin
Hi I am getting an error message after submitting my employee pay run. I have re-submitted several times but continue to get the error me...
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