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Photo of Brian
2018 Tax All Installer - Defective
A few days ago I applied the latest PM updates, including the 2018 Tax All Installer.How do I stop PM trying to reinstall this same modul...
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Photo of Ernie
PP2019 installation saying it has expired
I renewed my subscription in Oct 2018 and installed PP2019 with new Key provided by Reckon.  I have now reached my old expiry date (Nov 2...
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Photo of Ann
Paying Bills Via Credit Card
Hi has anyone had the issue when paying a bill via a credit card then recording this in Reckon that the bill for some reason has a balanc...
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Photo of Tamara White
Portal not working??
I have been trying to upload my STP file all day, but the portal just stays stubbornly blank and does not even bring up the log in screen...
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