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Photo of Nicole
TFN error - how to resolve
I had a pay run in the app declined by the ATO because one of my employee's had given me an incorrect TFN. I have now corrected the TFN i...
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Photo of ricky liu
Wrong ABN Entered
Hi, Rav ,I just started using the Reckon STP, and enterd the wrong ABN which is 12507813659, and the email address is rochusabc@outlook.c...
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Photo of Tania
OVERDUE!! How do I get rid of this stamping across my invoices? I've unticked everywhere I can find to untick so please don't suggest tha...
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Photo of Jo
Payrol setup
Can I please have some help with the payroll setup, I have entered in the information but when I click on save nothing happens and the in...
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