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Photo of Carol
Payment Details not showing on Invoice
I am using Reckon One and am setting up my first Invoice template. I have read previous posts and followed the youtube tutorial to add de...
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Photo of Abraham
YTD lump sum
When I set up STP for employee for this year 2019-2020, it is needed for 2018-2019 eofy amount. So I put them in, but 2019-2020 eofy amou...
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Photo of greg atkins
EOFY Reporting
Hi, I am having issues with the EOFY reporting. The Reckon total figures do not agree with my final figures. But, my final figures agree ...
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Photo of VM
Deleting Duplicate Payruns
Using Free phone app for STP version 1.13.3, how do I delete or adjust a duplicate pay run so my YTD totals are correct
  • VM, 18 hours ago

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