Payroll Premier payment summaries not matching year to date figures for some employees

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I am trying to issue the payment summaries for EOFY and when I've run the reconciliation report I can see that the total tax matches PAYG paid, however for 2 of the 7 employees the totals are not matching the year to date figures on their last payslip for the year. I have checked allowances and deductions and nothing is matching the amounts that they are out by. Does anyone have any ideas as to how to find the discrepancy and fix it? The other 5 employees are correct, it's just 2 of them that this is happening with, and one of them is reflecting higher gross and tax amounts on their payslip to their payment summary, and the other is showing lower gross and tax amounts on the payslip to the payment summary.


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    Hey Nicola, please have a look at our EOFY FAQS let me know if anything helps.