Formatting PC, need to keep Payroll Premier Data.

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We are reformatting and reinstalling all machines in our office, and we dont want to lose data. To move payroll premier, is it only the data file needed, or should I grab the whole folder/s


  • Alex Tan
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    Hi Eric,

    It's best to backup the whole folder but usually all you need is a backup of the datafile itself and a backup of reports. Payroll premier will ask you if you want to back up reports during the standard backup all you need to do is click Yes.

    Standard folder would be C:/QPRollV24 for payroll premier 15/16
    • C:/QPRollV23 for payroll premier 14/15
    • C:/QPRollV22 for payroll premier 13/14
    • C:/QPRollV21 for payroll premier 12/13
    • Hopefully you get the gist of it
    Inside this folder would be the backup folder and the data folder (those 2 being the main ones but other folders would contain data that has been exported such as ABA file or Excel files etc.

    Hope this helps,