Changing a memo text which then copies down through the whole transaction

Alex Jeffries
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I'm using Reckon Hosted, and every month we enter rental expenses. Each expense is on a different line with the memo eg 'Jul 15 rental expenses'.

When I go to enter a new month it brings up the previous months memo's on every line.

As we have a very large volume of expenses in some months it's extremely time consuming to have to change every line manually to say the new months title eg 'Aug 15 rental expenses'. Is there any way to change the first memo and have it copy down to every line of the transaction without me doing it manually? 


  • John Graetz
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    Hi Alex.  I don't believe that there is any way for this to happen.  However, I do have a somewhat similar situation, mainly with the recording of expenses, particularly journals.  I have now overcome this by changing my narrative to "for this month".  If you are issuing the invoices for the current month, then i believe that it would be quite satisfactory for you to change the line to "Rental expenses for this month", or it you are issuing the invoice for the following month, following the same pattern and changing the narrative to "Rental expense for next month".  I doubt that anybody is going to have an issue with you in the first instance "Rental expense for this month" as it is quite clear in what it says.  As another suggestion, if you really want to detail the month, then this is what I would do:
    1.  Change the narrative around, so that the month appears at the end e.g. "Rental Expenses for " and leave the month out, then memorise the Invoice.
    2. Next time that you call it up, add in the month on the first line, then copy that month down to the end of each successive line.  It is far easier to be able to copy that month, than to have to physically change each line.  John L G