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I am using Payroll Premier 15/16.  I recently set up a new employee and her super amounts wont add up at the end of the month.  eg, In pay fortnight 1 of the month, she accrued a set amount of super.  In pay fortnight 2, she did not earn enough for super for that fortnight but it should have added the two pays together and given her some extra super in her second pay.  This has happened two months in a row.  Is this a glitch in my program or is there some way I can fix this?  I have not had any problems with my other employees.


  • Umesh Kumar Kukreja
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    Hi Michele,

    Welcome to Reckon community.

    Please make sure the two pay dates are falling within the month.

    Also, we have a Knowledge base for your reference.

    Hope it helps.


  • Ajayan Vasu
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    Hi Umesh,

    I am using Recon Accounts Enterprise 2015. I am unable to use Reckon payroll since it accommodate more complicated payroll.

    I just need basic salary as per the days clocked, Overtime wages, annual leave pay as and when the employee utilize his / her annual leave entitlement, medical leave various monthly allowances such as, housing, vehicle, phone,  food, then employee & employer contributions to EPF, reimbursement of medical cost and other costs (if any). 

    In this country we do not have any taxation so that no deduction for any tax. Please let me have some guidance to set up a payroll that suits our requirement.