Pay Slips skipping and missing records when trying to reprint

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Trying to reprint a current employees previous payslips In Payroll Premier 2016/17. The employee records show all fortnightly pays however when I go to Pay Slips and try and find any of the employees payslips they aren't there.

At first I tried filtering the report (using the employees drop down) using the employees number but it kept returning "no records found". I also tried Reports > Pay Slips > Name Order and tried filtering using the employees name which also produced nothing. I then tried using the 'Filter' button and applying general filters such as department. The last resort was to just show all employees and skip through all of the records until I got to the employee, only to find that it skips over him and many others.

Why does the report writer skip records? I thought perhaps that the pay slips just might not show on the screen so I've tried printing despite the "no records found" error but to no avail. When filtering using the employees drop down, the report populates with the employees details but nothing more.


  • Todd BendallTodd Bendall Member Posts: 2
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    SOLVED. For those with the same issue, the Employee has to be set to receive a printed payslip (not email).
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