Payroll Premier 2017/2018 Upgrade

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Can someone please confirm If I have the correct steps for upgrading PP 2016/2017 to 2017/2018?

We currently have two computers using PP 2016/2017 with the company files saved to a network share. After watching the Payroll Premier - EOFY Processes YouTube video I believe I need to do the following upgrade steps.

1. One the first computer open Payroll Premier 2016/2017.
2. Change the Select Network Path Options from the network share (e.g. M:\QPR2016-17\) to the local data path (e.g. C:\QPRoll25\Data).
3. Close the Payroll Premier 2016/2017 application.
4. Run the Payroll Premier 2017/2018 installer to upgrade.
5. Run the updated Payroll Premier application.
6. Change the Select Network Path Options from the local data path (e.g. C:\QPRoll25\Data) back to the network share (e.g. M:\QPR2016-17\).
7. Repeat these steps for the second computer that has Payroll Premier 2016/2017 installed.



  • Rav
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    Hi Daniel,

    While I don't have experience installing Payroll Premier from a network perspective, I've found a KB which might be helpful for your query -

    Upgrading a network based Payroll Premier installation

    Payroll Premier 2016/17 installation and upgrade guide

    Let me know if that helps,

  • Daniel
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    Thanks Rav. The first KB article seems to match my steps with a few additions such as selecting/deselecting some tick boxes when upgrading the first computer.

    As for upgrading the second computer am I correct with the steps below?

    1. Run the installer and upgrade PP from 2016/2017 to 2017/2018.
    2. Make sure the network share location is being used with Use Existing Files located at the Server Path selected.
    3. Continue using PP 2017/2018